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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

I am non Muslim

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15 minutes ago, PakistaniGirl1994 said:

Salaam Alaikum wrwb, I am non Muslim girl from Canada, What Is Shia?, why is there conflict between Sunni and Shia?. How are the Shia Muslim if they curse the prophet?, i respect Muslims and Islam, I am unorthadox Sikh

Wa Alaykom Alsalam

Thanks for being honest in saying what you think about we Shias so we help you to know the truth better,

First let me tell you that we never curse the prophet (sawa) and it is what was made up by Wahhabis, takfiris and ... who hate Shi'ism.

The conflict returns to 13 centuries ago when the prophet of Islam(sawa) said in a place called Qadir Khum: Who ever I am master to, since now this Ali(as) is his/her master," and was holding the hand of Ali(as) and rose his hand while saying this. But after the passing of the prophet(sawa) while Ali(as) was busy burring the body of prophet, people gathered in a place called saqife and chose another one to become the successor of the prophet(sawa) and cast Ali(as) aside. Shias believes that Ali and 11 chidlred from his bloodline are the true successor of the prophet while Sunnis claim that prophet said on the Qadir khum that: Who ever love me should love this Ali(as). which makes no sense really because no one gathers 120,000 people and gather them all in one place just to say : love this Ali(as). 

To be fair I tell you the answer that Sunnis gie to this claim of us.

First I have to tell you that the prophet died after 70 days from Qadir Khum's event.

They say it is impossible that after 120,000 people forget such thing after 70 days. But the answer to this question is very simple. Such thing had happened before centuries before the coming of Muhammad(sawa) and that was when Moses helped 600,000 Israelies to cross the red sea and then Moses told them I am going to mountain for 30 days and in my absence Aaron is my successor, but when Moses's return was delayed to 40 days 600,000 people there cast Aaron aside and chose Samiri as the successor, in just 10 days(until the 30th day they were following Aaron) 600,000 forgot the word of Moses. When 600,000 people forgets the same thing in 10 days, it would be possible that 120,000 people forget such thing in 70 days.

Some of the reasons why they rejected Ali(as) are: 

Ali(as) was the first man to follow Muhammad(as), and he was the most devoted man to Islam after Muhammad(sawa), Ali(as) fought every battle for prophet except some that prophet ordered him to keep the city safe. before the success of Muhammad(sawa) all of the clans were idol worshipers and all of them attended to wars against Muhammad(sawa) and there was no clan that Ali(as) had not defeated their men and killed from them in battles. They had personal malice toward Ali(as). The greats of Arabs wanted to marry the prophet's daughter but the prophet rejected them all and her daughter married Ali(as).

These are not the only reasons why we consider Ali as the true successor. There's this verse in Quran that confirms Ali(as)'s right to rule.

Surah 5:55:

your masters can be only Allah; and his messenger and those who believe, (among the believers) who establish worship and pay the zakah, while bowing down (in prayer).

Zakah somehow means charity in some cases. This verse was sent to prophet after Ali(as) gave his ring to a poor man while he was bowing in his prayer. 

If you read the Quran in Arabic you will know this verse better, because most of the online Qurans are not translated properly in this case to English (that's because they were translated by Sunnis)


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Welcome to shiachat. All your queries about what shia do why they do and also how they do will inshallah be cleared. Just search your query and if there is no existing forum about your query you can make a new forum. 

We'll try our best to help you.


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2 hours ago, PakistaniGirl1994 said:

Thank you for sharing

If you really seek the truth, then you have a long way to go. Instead of these you can ask questions too, but finding out yourself is much more effective, the knowledge you gain by searching and researching yourself won't be trembled even if mountains tremble.

1. Read the history of Islam from both sunni and shia sources.

2. Read Nahjulbalaqe the book the the sayings of Imam Ali(as) are gathered in it, nothing is better than that book for knowing who Ali(as) was.

3. Read the books story of the Challenges between Shias and Sunnis both Shia stories and Sunni stories. (Peshwar Nights is one of these books( a Shia book))

4. Read Quran like a researcher.

The following hints are very hard but it will help you greatly:

1. Read Quran in Arabic. This is very hard you have two ways:

            1) Learn Arabic.

            2) Use arabic dictionary and check words one by one and find out the truth. A Japanese woman did this for                 finding the truth.

2. You will find many clues and hints about Islam and Shi'ism in the Bible, but while the muslims say bible was manipulated, you need to use the older texts of Bible, for example the Hebrew version of bible. Hebrew and Arabic are very much similar to each other so if you know Arabic you will have almost few problems with reading Hebrew texts if you use this site: www.Biblehub.com by using this site you can read Hebrew texts of Bible without knowing even Hebrew alphabet.

3. Recently a Book of prophecies was leaked from Jewish libraries Nevuat Ha'yeled, you might find it useful. As far as I know, all English translations of it are wrong and it is intentionally, I am making an English translation for it without manipulation. But it is a hard task :) 

The first suggestions are better for you, so forget these things i said down here :D


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