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In the Name of God بسم الله

calling unseen from Wahhabi's perspective

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Ahmad Al_Hanbal is polytheist in Wahhabism theory!!!!

Wahhabis say, calling unseen leads you to the great polytheism.


The Messenger of Allah said, when one of you get caught in the desert, call oh servants of Allah, help me.

Majma' Al_ Azzava'id, v 10, p 132.

The son of Ahmad Al_Hanbal said, I heard from my father that he said, I performed Hajj five times. In one of my pilgrimage I was walking and lost the way, I called, oh servants of God, guide me and show me the way then I found the way.

Shua'b Al_Iman, Beyheqi, v 10, p 141

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