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In the Name of God بسم الله

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Sometimes I have to be careful of what I say. I was afraid that people would assume things and judge
but I remember Allah S.W.T is Al Hakam
doesn't matter what the people think of me.
afraid of what people will say because of my mental illness:
lack of iman
posessed by jinn

but that was shaitans whispers, after all I can't read other peoples minds

Mental health campaign entitled "are you ok?" 
Yeah Iam ok

I am human I am flawed , this is my trial between me and my creater.

Been around people who seem controlling
always telling me what is wrong with me but I never tell them. Can't tell if they mean well or they wish to put me down.
But I put myself down more than them
Been around people who criticise and tease others but will not take a blow to their ego.
claiming to know it all but not wanting to listen 

ya subehanalllah we are all flawed 
we all have our ups and downs
but i remember Allah S.W.T sees all this after all he created us imperfect and we have chance to turn to him
and his love is real and true
nobody can love us like he can

He should be the only one in our hearts
all this romance stuff is illusion plus will lead to haram
and will leave you feeling empty and broken
sure we should have love between the spouses but Allah S.w.T should be first in our heart before anything.

We talk about feminism but real freedom is we dont need a man because Allah S.W.T is all we need Islam is what we need to really be free not any political ideology

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We are both spiritual and physical beings. Our brains uses several chemicals / hormones to work. So mental health issues are not always about spirituality. Not at all...

We are exposed to madness in extreme levels in everyday life, both emotionally and physically. The outside world is a disaster in this age. Everything has became synthetic, everything is now filled with nasty chemicals.

They try so hard to wipe us out this planet.

Even the tomato you put inside your salad, is not a tomato anymore. It's a hybrid of some bacteria, human and God knows what other living things. It's DNA's are messed up.

It's a miracle to be healthy nowadays.

Please don't worry about other people and hold on. This is all temporary.

I hope you get well soon.

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