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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Shia's main Issue: Religious or Political

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Shia's main Issue Is a Political Or Religious problem & what is solution for that as far i know islam is a root word of Salam (Peace) why all #Muslims are not #United Islam teach us Unity Brotherhood & what we are doing we have devided Islam in Sects

I think islam is a religioun of peace so i don't think #Allah (SWT) like Sections In Islam, by promoting #Fitnah i don't think we will Achieve #Jannah. Can't we Find a Solution 

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yes you are right but unfortunately as soon as rasoolallah (sawa) was on his death bed the hypocrites revealed their true colours and some of them had the audacity to call rasoolallah ' delirious ' so that he couldn't write his last words , and because of them up until this present day the ummah of rasoolallah (sawa) is going through a dark tribulation , the islam of Muhammad (sawa) is long gone and only relics remain here and there , if the so called muslims of rasoolallahs (sawa) time had listened to him and held on to the rope of Allah and had accepted the rightful successor then we might not have been going through this tribulation

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Yes i have tried to understand the situation after death of                   Muhammad (PBUH) i was really confused then i Open the Furqan (Qur'an) to Understand why Allah (SWT) created us & i got nothing about shia & sunni it is our own creared fitnah whick become section in Islam & which is Prohibited 

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Dear brother,

There are no section in Islam, neither the sects. There are Muslims who follow All swt commands through Prophet S and the Allah's designated authorities after the demise of the Prophet S, namely the Imams from Ahlulbayt.

Later generations of people, out of greed for power and wealth, distorted Islam to serve their needs and to foo people, residue of which is what you call today Salafi, Wahabi, Hanafi, the all 71 various cults.

Islam is one and was never sectioned per se.

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