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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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English (Only) Noha / Latmiyya / Qasida

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Predominantly in English. Some verses are in Arabic. Apologise in advance.


I will come again here



Come aid me Hussain! Hussain!



From Karbala Karbala Karbala



Hussain Whyyy + Ya Zainab Ya Zainab Ya Zainab + Ya Abul Fadhl



Ya Abul Fadhl



Hussain, Ya Zainab



Hussain Hussain, TharAllah TharAllah + Send me home to Karbala, leave me there + I’m calling Hussaina



Ya Zainab Ya Zainab Ya Zainab + Ya Abul Fadhl



Oh sister Zainab



Freedom + Hussain, Ya Zainab



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Bibi Zainab (sa) & Arbaeen


When she reached Karbala that tragic year

From her tired eyes came another tear,


Alone in the dessert without a shadow above

Was the grave of Hussain, her brother beloved.


She was tired, and weak and in a lot of pain

Her Heart cried out ‘ O My Brother Hussain ‘


I have come to mourn you with all of my heart

And to tell you the torture that tore us apart.


They took us through crowds that were calling our name,


Our hearts were sinking and our heads bowed in shame.


Sakina was slapped for no reason at all,


For crying, for sitting, or when to you she would call.


She was tortured all the way in front of our eyes,


Alas in the Prison of Damascus she lies.


She called out to you till her very last breath,


And I called to Abbas at the time of her death.


What all we went through I have no strength to tell,


And now my dear brother I bid you farewell.


My heart is broken at the sight of your grave,


Alone in the dessert without any shade.


Then she looked up with tears flowing down her face And said O’ Lord , I know of thy infinite power and grace.


let the death of my brother be mourned like no other

and let not alone be the grave of my brother.


Today, Ya Zainab .. the prayer of your heart,

Is fulfilled by millions walking in a march


Their eyes full of sorrow their hearts full of pain,

Marching to their Master, Your brother Hussain.


A crowd never heard of, a scene never seen

How could it not be heard? 

The wish of a queen!


Labbayk ya Zaynab (sa)


Labbayk ya Hussain (as)

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This is an English noha, a youtube video called "Our hero Abbas". 

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