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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Are deniers of Ahlulbayt Nawasib?

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There are ahadith that mention those who deny Ahlulbayt [as] are disbelievers, and then there is ahadith that clarify, those who have no atom's worth of hatred towards Ahlulbayt are those who are considered "musthatha'feen". There is other hadith that mention it's only when a person has a way to believe or disbelieve, or that the differences among the people has become clear to them, that a person is not a mustath'af. The one who the proof reaches is not a mustath'af. It can be seen in that light, that denial of their station means, hatred towards their sacred station as well as their true status and position among people and their relationship to the Rasool.

The flip side is that Quran has mentioned love of the near relatives of Mohammad is a straight path. It has also condemned in many verses those who disbelieve in Ayatallah, and regarding Mohammad has said "For it is not you they deny but the unjust reject the Ayatallah". 

If Sunnis were true lovers of Ahlulbayt [as], then not acknowledging their Imammate would not be a requisite for the straigth path. However we see Allah [swt] is not interested in what people think of individuals as humans, but rather, what is connected to him and is guidance towards himself, that submission to his chosen ones is necessary as it's linked to submission to himself.

That is why there is ahadith that explain the love in 42:23, is submission to Ahlulbayt, or making them the eyes to the face by which we see.

That said there is a way to look at like this.  Muslims all acknowledge submission to God as the religion of God. That we ought to submit to him through whoever he appoints. This is why Prophets are necessary to believed in, because we believe in the religion of submitting to God.  They were the means of submitting to God in the past. All Muslims also acknowledge that Taqwa is a necessary trait for people who believe in Islam.  That adopting other then that path is not acceptable. They are also know that Jews in the past twisted God's words away from their places and had hard hearts towards the revelations revealed by God saying "our hearts are heedless" while reality is God cursed them for disbelief.

So the Hujja on anyone who is aware of the Sunni-Shia issue is complete. This is because they have to find out the truth regarding the issue, and cannot sit idle. They know that the issue of submitting to God is not a light matter, that we should take lightly. That this is not some intellectual game to debate and argue with others about but rather the issue is a vital issue of which guidance of God must be submitted to and followed.

They know very well the scholars of Bani-Israel were not a Hujja against the Prophets so that they should take their system of authenticating ahadith as a proof against Imams.

Rather the issue must be investigated sincerely. And we know Quran emphasizes on sincerity to God and submission to his chosen friends, acknowledging all of them.

That said I don't believe Sunnis hate the Ahlulbayt as they understand. Indeed they love Ahlulbayt over all as they understand them to be. The reality is they hate the real ahlulbayt in the sense of the station that God has given them, they are against them due being Ayatallah and that contradicting their system they are caught in with their leaders and people, and love of themselves and their people.

There is others who as well are afflicted by Satanic Waswas and locks regarding seeing the truth in Quran and Sunnah, yet, the Quran always ends teaching to sincerely seek refuge in God from such. If anyone sincerely seeks asylum in God, they surely would get it, and anyone who recites Suratal Fatiha with the spirit it's meant to be recited in, would surely be guided.

The Quran further talks about anyone who believes in God, guides their heart aright, and that he guides those who to turn to him often. It can be said anyone who sincerely remembers God such as that they are in awe of his glory and enticed by his beauty, would be filled with both fear of God and love of his light, such as these two wings would guide them to the straight path.

Ahlulbayt [as] are a path way to God. There is a hadith from Imam Jaffar [as] that there was practically no musta'thaaf in the nation of Muslims, because the matter had become so widespread.

I understand that there is some people who have no access to study arguments from both sides, but the Quran is suppose to be a clear guidance to those who come with Taqwa and reflection. The reflection should at the very least, make people not take this issue lightly and not take religion as a game, and be aware of taking people as authorities on religion who take religion as a game of power and an intellectual game.

Quran is suppose to be recited with fear and love towards seeing the truth of God's revelation.   We know sometimes there were towns in which not but a single family was found from among those who submit to God. That very few of God's servants at times were grateful. That very few believe in the truth or worship God without associating with him. 

Most people in some what associate in their value of God with value of others. This is the heart of the problem. Bani-Isreal in reality were told but to worship God sincerely for him is the religion, and keep up the connection and give the purifying charity/alms, and that is the upright religion. 

The advise of worshipping God sincerely at least to the extent where one ought to keep up Salah and pay zakat and acknowledge his chosen ones, is of the most emphasized messages of Islam. That the religion to him is submission, and that he doesn't accept rebellion to his covenant and breaking what he has command to be reached, and that we ought to help God and his appointed trustees.

This is something all Muslims who recite the Quran acknowledge. Yet to get caught up in the deception, in following the suggestions of Satan and never sincerely thinking about the issue but sticking to hasty recitations in which are not based on first impression due norm of language, but rather Satanic suggestion, is not something I see that really has excuse.

I would understand if someone didn't hear about the issue, didn't know about it all, and had no hostility towards the belief of Ahlulbayt leadership and holy position.

It can be said but it's a misunderstanding of seal of Prophethood. I would argue the Quran forbids following what is unclear from what is clear.   To make Nubuwa ending meaning for Imammate to be ending would be holding on to what is unclear rather then what is clear from Quran.

There is many verses that clarify this issue, there are verses are subtle by emphasizing on the past way of God and then there is verses that are explicit about the family of Mohammad. Together it's even more clear and more firm, and they interpret one another.

I understand people who are unaware of translations out there and are unaware of the language. But given how much Quran emphasized on leaders misguiding their people due to people giving them authority over themselves without reflection and sincerity to the truth, I don't see this as a sufficient excuse.

There is exceptions of course, no doubt. What I'm saying is aside from the clarification of ghadeer regarding what is taught in Quran, the Quran has enough advice that is acknowledged by all those who recite it, that those well aware of it will be guided in a way that eventually leads to the destination of the truth. 

Of course,  those who truly believe in the Quran ought to study it as well. It's not an excuse to simply say "but no one taught me what the Quran stated".  We been all advised to reflect over it's verses.

It's not an excuse to think of the verses of Quran to be simply stories of the past, that all the verses proving Wilayah of Ali by way of the past for example, are just stories of the past. There is some people with very low IQs, and I understand that it is possible some people are incapable of reciting Quran as it ought to be recited, but the general people, they should not belittle God's words and think God is just telling us stories of the past without a universal meaning to it. That there is something that God is showing of his way and they point to the truth of God and his Names, and way of interacting with humanity. That they point to the way of God which is essential part of the design of humans and our relationship to the divine.

Not reflecting over a book that claims to be from God is no excuse. Each verse has to be seen as a treasure and protector over other parts.  That there is allusions from Surahs to Surahs, verses to verses, and they interact in interpreting one another.

Humbleness in Salah goes a long way for example.  In salah there is a reminder of the family of Mohammad, that God singled them out of all people to be blessed with the Prophet. There is also an allusion to the verse in Suratal Hud in the long Salawat version, and it leaves no room to doubt that auli-Ibrahim refers to Ahlulbayt of Ibrahim, and that auli-Mohammad refers to Ahlulbayt of Mohammad.

Some people show so much allergy to this Salawat, that outside of Salah, they barely ever say it when blessing Mohammad, they either make the Salawat short in which they don't mix his family in it, or if they do include his family, they got to make it longer, and include all companions, to hide the special emphasis on the family of Mohammad.

This is hatred towards their truth. Their going out of their way to make known the "Quran and Sunna" as two weighty things and hide the "Quran and Ahlulbayt" version the latter which has more authentic chains and chains over all over the former, is another sign of their hate towards Ahlulbayt's position. 

Their perverse interpretations of the verse commanding believers to love the family of Mohammad is another sign of their hatred. What a way of God to show us they are so allergic to the status of Ahlulbayt that they cannot acknowledge the verse that clearly commands to love the family of Mohammad.

Coming with a way that goes out of their way to twist and turn at every verse pointing to Ahlulbayt [as] and denying their position, no doubt, is a sign, of their rebellion.

All this is hatred.  People of course go through stages. People might at first not be aware of verses of Quran about Ahlulbayt [as]. They may not have studied Islam but are following with much trust to the structure of their society. When they begin to investigate the truth, then it's upon people to be seekers towards the truth.  They shouldn't make themselves the leaders of Quran but rather Quran is to be their leader guiding to the truth of this issue.

The numerous verses about witnesses for example are sufficient to clarify this matter. One verse also indicates the witnesses were Imams of their times.

I thinking making excuses for people is noble, but we shouldn't sacrifice the clarity of the issue "The truth has become distinct from error".

We have to believe in God and disbelieve in the Taghut, and God guides to the truth, and is the Master who takes people from the darkness to the light, if they come believing in his Ayat and guidance and reflecting.



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Mashallah, i enjoyed reading that, great understanding and explanations,

yes i agree, you're right there is a very deep darkness that engulfs the soul and even our ego can trick us so wel, this darkness stands inbetween the soul and the truth, to see the light dig, dive through this darkness. only the one who has eyes sees and who has a heart loves, depths of words, true translations, interpretation of Scriptures can be given to anyone but the one who is chosen by god will be accepting a true invitation. Whether sunni, shia, hindu, sikh, Christian etc.

We are all under the same roof and eat and drink in the same world, truth is around us, this is our trial choose you're path its a long or short journey, but somone is watching and listening to you, so listen and watch you're selves too.

Love of the world is hard to describe so is the love of God. Every person sees at different ranges and scales. Pray for us brothers sisters mothers fathers to see and understand such scales that cannot be read in books and taught through the 5 senses.

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