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In the Name of God بسم الله

What exactly is the Dajjal

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Many have debated this topic and I'd like to hear the different opinions of this forum. So, what exactly is the Dajjal? Is it a locked up monster awaiting a sign or a reason to come out of hiding? Or is the Dajjal a system in which higher powers try to bring the people closer to the ways of shaytan and drive them away from the ways of islam?

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scholars have many views, I personally believe it is a system, because if you tied up the evidence we have and the way they describe him, its always more reasonable to view him as a system.

Awating more point of views on this subject from more advanced members.

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Dajjal can be both system and a person at the same time. In hadiths we have the information about him which include:

He has one eye, this eye is the left eye, shining like the morning star, he has a donkey which charm people, he will enter the houses from the roofs and ...

There's also this hadith that I've forgotten which one of the Ahlol-bayt(as) has mentioned it: When Abraham(as) was throwing stone to Shaytan, he hit Shaytan's right eye and Shaytan's right eye became blind.

Once a journalist asked one of the heads of satanism about the eye on dollars he responded:"It is the eye of our master Satan."

take a look at the pyramid of power:


It is the system of Dajjal and on the top there's Dajjal himslef, his donkey is definitly media with no doubt, the system we see all around us in the world is the system of Dajjal, its controler is Dajjal(Shaytan).

This is what I learned about him.

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One of the signs of the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (as) [1] is the coming of the “Dajjal”. According to Arabic literature experts, any liar and trickster can be called a dajjal.

Different unusual traits have been related to him in hadiths (in which are mostly found in Sunni sources), namely: he falsely claims his lordship [2], is high in age [3], along with him is fire and water [4], he cures the blind and those suffering from leprosy [5].

The commander of the faithful, Imam Ali (as) was busy delivering a sermon when he repeated three times: “Ask me (all that you need) before you lose me.” A righteous individual by the name of Sa’sa’ah ibn Sawhan stood up and asked: “Oh commander of the faithful! Who is the Dajjal?”

In response to this question, Imam Ali (as) replied: “Be aware that the (name) of the dajjal is Sa’ed ibnul-Sa’ed. The unfortunate one is he who acknowledges and accepts him, and the fortunate being the one who rejects him. He will emerge from a place called “Isbahan”, from an area which is known to be the area of the Jews. His right eye is shut, bearing no eyeball.

His other eye is in his forehead, shining so brightly that it resembles the morning star in brightness. In his eye there is a piece of meat that seems to have mixed with some blood and on his forehead, in between the two eyes, it has been written “Kafir” in a way that every literate and illiterate person can read. He travels over the oceans and the sun accompanies him. In front of him, there is a mountain of smoke and behind him there is a white one that people perceive to be food. He will appear during a very hard drought. He will be riding a dark or green donkey. Every step this donkey takes is equal to one mil (mile). He will travel and go here and there on earth. Every water source or spring that he crosses will turn and remain dry till the Day of Judgment. He will shout with a voice heard by all in the East and the West saying: “Come to me, Oh friends and followers of mine!” I (am a God) who has created, who has created the faces, has measured every persons portion (of sustenance), and is your guide. I am the exalted Lord!” He is a liar! He is Allah’s (swt) enemy...and in the end he will eventually be killed by the one Isa (pbuh) prays behind (Imam Mahdi (as))”. [6]

As for who the dajjal really is, one can't reach a definite conclusion, but in a nutshell, it can be said there are several possibilities regarding this matter:

1) The dajjal is a true person that does extraordinary things using witchcraft and magic that will appear at the end of time. He will be the head of a great trouble-making that will take place for all of mankind. As the literal meaning of dajjal suggests, he is a user of witchcraft and a trouble-making individual with many materialistic facilities and capabilities. Some hadiths name him “the messiah of misguidance” which is the opposite of “the messiah of guidance”, meaning Prophet Isa (pbuh).

During the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (as), he will begin to work against him. He is of those who have long lives and is and will remain alive until the day he appears. He will take over the whole world expect for Makkah and Madinah. [7]

2) Iblis or Satan is the dajjal.

3) The Sufyani is the dajjal.

4) The dajjal has a symbolic and secret side to it (and isn't a true person):

“The dajjal symbolizes the highest levels of civilization, culture and Western technology that are in conflict with Islam and its principles; a culture that tries to conquer and enslave all. We can clearly see today how the West’s materialist culture and technology has taken over all societies today, even Muslim ones…” [8]

For further reading:


Dajjal, Dorughguye Faribandeh, Maw’ud Magazine, no.4.






[1] Of course this sign has been counted as one of the signs of the Day of Judgement (Sunan Tirmidi, vol.4, pp.507-519; Sunan Abi-Dawud, vol.4, pg.115; Sahih Muslim, vol.18, pp.46 and 81), yet in Shia hadith sources it has been counted as one of the signs of the nearness of the Day of Judgment (Biharul-Anwar, vol.6, pg.296, chapter 1 (The signs of the hour (Day of Judgment) and the story of Ya’juj) and also the signs of the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (as). There is no problem in this sign being both the sign of the Day of Judgment and the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (as), because his reappearance is one of the signs of the end of time and the Day of Judgment.

[2] Sunan Ibn Majah, vol.2, pg. 1360.

[3] Sahih Muslim, vol.8, pg. 205.

[4] Sahih Bukhari, vol.8, pg. 103.

[5] Musnad Ahmad, vol.5, pg. 13.

[6]  Lotfollah Safi, Muntakhabul-Athar, Chapter 3, pg. 532, hadith 8.


In some hadiths it has been stated that he will eventually be killed by Prophet Isa (pbuh) (Biharul-Anwar, vol.14, pg.348, chapter 24) or it has been stated that he will be killed by Prophet Isa (pbuh) at a gate in Sham. For further information, see: Biharul-Anwar, vol.52, pp. 193 and 209; Kamaluddin, 525 and 526; Kashful-Ghummah, vol.3, pg.281; Al-Masa’ilul-Ashr, printed in the works of Sheikh Tusi, vol.3, pg. 122; Irshad, vol.2, pg. 371; Kanzul-Ummal, vol.14, pp. 198-200. Of course, there is no conflict between these two statements that Prophet Isa (pbuh) is one of those who takes orders from Imam Mahdi (as) and one can relate the doing of a soldier to his commander.

[7]  Al-Faqih, vol.2, pg. 564, the chapter on the respect and virtue of Medinah; Tahdhib, vol.6, pg. 12, chapter 5, The respect and virtue of Medinah.

[8], pg. 533.Maw’ud Shenasi, pp. 141 and 142. Quoted and obtained from: Ali Asghar Rizvani, Tarikh ma badal-Dhuhur Seyyid Muhammad Sadiq, Seyyid Muhammad Sadiq, Tarikh ma badal-Dhuhur, pp. 141 and 142. Quoted and obtained from: Ali Asghar Rizvani, Maw’ud Shenasi, pg. 533.

With Duas.


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Dear reader...

anyone who tells you the Dajjal is a system is wrong.....

the Dajjal is a person with extraordinary capabilities

the Dajjal is described by the ahlul bayt and all evidence points to him being a man 

the Dajjal will fool everyone except believers and in English Dajjal means antichrist

there is a system today as you may know the one world order or illuminati the system is present but it has one aim and that is to prepare the world for his arrival the Dajjal so a Dajjal system exists to prepare for the arrival of the Dajjal himself

the sufyani is not the Dajjal he is from progeny of Abu Sufyan and he will be killed by imam Mahdi in a battle between the two

the way I see it is that the sufyani will be followed by So called Muslims but the dajjal will be followed by all religions because the Dajjal is the biggest fitna for all mankind and sufyani is small fitna compared to dajjal

so  fellow friends prepare for the Dajjal for he is a dangerous person with one eye and has powers like no other 

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