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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Favorite Non-Mainstream Movies

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List your favorite non-mainstream movies.
By non-mainstream movies, I mean movies that feel somewhat different from the rest of the movies when you watch them due to whatever reason or factor. I also mean the kind of movies that give you a feeling or inspire you when you watch them.

I don't really know what word I should use other than 'non-mainstream' lol 

I'll list mine as to give you guys an idea what I mean and also write the reasons for why they are my favorites

  • In Bruges - It is also one of my all-time favorite movies. It is an amazingly well-written and well-directed movie. It's supposed to be a comedy movie but the story, if you take out the funny dialogue, is a very dark story and can make you somewhat depressed. The dialogue is almost perfect and it is what makes the movie funny. The acting is top-notch as well. The way a very dark story and a dark-themed movie is turned into a comedy is what makes this movie my favorite.
  • Secret Life of Walter Mitty - I can't really give as many reasons as In Bruges for why I like this movie. It's because of the whole how just decides to change his life and it has a few comedy elements as well. This movie gave me the impression that it's telling its audience to focus on the beauty of life and the good things in it.
  • Gran Torino - I love this movie for it's simplicity. To me, the story felt very simple but very effective and not boring at all. It's just a story of a human being and nothing too flashy. The dialogue is very good in this movie as well and it focuses somewhat on life and death.
  • Man on the Moon - Andy Kaufman's life and his way of doing things impressed me a lot. I was taken back by his sense of humor and how he would go for a joke even if he was the only one in the whole world laughing at it. Jim Carrey's performance as Andy Kaufman in this movie is amazing and he doesn't feel like Jim Carrey at all.

I have a few other favorites but can't really think of them at the moment, I'll add if I recall any.

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7 minutes ago, thetwooceans said:

Gravity is next, haven't watched it yet, if anyone did let me know how it is!

It's very pretty, nice effects, but the plot is.... well, I don't recommend playing full price for it.

One of my favorite movies is Cyrano de Bergerac, with Gerard Depardieu as Cyrano and Vincent Perez as Christian. I'm not usually into romantic stories, but this one is good.

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you guys should watch ' the room ' it is the most unintentionally hilarious movie you will ever see in your life , if you understand the importance of screen play and dialogue , tommy wiseu directed it , and played the lead role in it and also produced it , me and my cousin had so many laughs while watching it , it is so terrible that it is so good XD

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Mandariinid (2013)

It’s a some kinda of anti-war film, there are no big war scenes, mainly is dialogs between “Enemies” that each have different religion and different backgrounds. i like the core idea of this movie that war is ridiculous and ruthless, nationals are victims of it all the time.

For me this is one of the best movie that i watched in 2014.


The Willow Tree (2005)

Layout and portray of this movie is fantastic, there are a lot of details of this movie makes me like it.

When the movie start it’s black and mean while leading character saying in his mind a short time, maybe you feel a bit annoyance of this dark scene, but after you got that the leading character was a blindman, you will find out it’s a unique way to describing and let others feeling the helplessness of a blindman from his view. 

Also there are a scene in this movie, i liked it. The wife was in her car, she was watching her husband go throw with rearview mirror, and then car going to front slowly, mean while in the mirror can be seen the husband walking slowly to opposite. it is a beautiful scene(the taking way), and it’s a different way to describe without dialogs that they are alienated from each other.


And there are a detail, i really liked it. He was asking god to give hime sight, and when he got, he was saw an ant, later almost in the end of the movie he lost sight again and asking god to give him another chance, and the ant came back again, so did he got sight back again? movie didn’t say his sight restored or not, Giving and taking will be by god's will, so it needs you to answer. 

There are also other some of my favorite movies, maybe i'll post them later.

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Non-mainstream movies are also called "alternate cinema" or "parallel cinema" in some parts of the world, or "art movies" as in India, films that go beyond formula stories and stock characters to portray life, generally but not exclusively in a realistic mode. I also include non-Anglosphere films among the non-mainstream stuff.

I haven't watched many, but then I'm not a big movie watcher anyway but here are a few I like.

No Man's Land (2001) - Bosnia-Herzegovina  (A brilliant satire of the absurdity of war)

The Hunt (2012) - Denmark (social drama, a teacher is accused of sexually abusing a small schoolgirl)

Aferim! (2015) - Romania (story of a gypsy slave)

Che Part 1 & 2 (2008) - American film in Spanish, as non-mainstream as you can get. Che's excellent biopic

Incendies (2010) - French Canada  (revolves around Lebanese civil war)

Bal-can-can (2005) - Macedonia (great comedy! background, Balkan ethnic strife)

Mirage (2004) - Macedonia (As Macedonia faces its difficult transition, a boy escapes into a world of his own creation)

Takva: A Man’s Fear of God (2006) - Turkey (story of a lay man who joins a Sufi order)

Days of Glory (2006) - Algeria (background: colonial France in Algeria, Algerian soldiers fighting in WWII)

Amores Perros (2000) Mexico - Fro the director of The Revenant. 

Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) - India (a multi-gen story of two Muslim crime families. Great directorial work) 

etc etc

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