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Dear brothers and sisters i am in search of proof of ghadeer from sunni books. It would be very kind of you if you would provide me the exact hadees number along with the book name.

I have read older posts but the problem is that i don't own sunni books. Hence please give the reference if possibile with a link of the book.

Jazakalla khair. 

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Allah is my master and I am your master and whosoever, I am master of, Then this man, Ali is his master as well. O God! Befriend him, who so ever befriends him. Oppose him, whosoever opposes him. Support him, who so ever supports him. Desert him, whosoever deserts him.

This event and wording has been reported in the following books : 
(1) Sahih Tirmizi, Vol.2 Page 298. 
(2) Sahih ibn-e-Maja, Chapter: Virtues of the Companions of the Holy Prophet(pbuh&hf), Page 12 
(3) Kinz-al-Amaal, Vol.6, Page 397 
(4) Riyaz un-Nazra Vol.2, Page 169 
(5) Mustadrak as-Sahiyeen, Vol.3, Page 109 
(6) Mustadrak as-Sahiyeen, Vol.3, Page 116 
(7) Khasais-e-Nisaee, Page 25
(8) Masnad Ahmad ibn-e-Hambal, Vol.4, Page 372 
(9) Tafseer-e-Kabeer, Fakhruddin Razi
(10) Hulyat ul-Aulia, Vol.5, Page 26
(11) Sawaiq-e-Moharraka, Page 25
(12) Al-Asaba, Vol1, Al-qism 1, Page 319

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