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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Hakeekat e teenat

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Kiya koi mujhe teenat k barein mein bata sakta hy ..

Suna hy is duniya mein aney se pehle jab hamari mitti banai gayi thi to wo 3 hisso mein thi 

Ek jinho ne willayate ali as ko ikraar 

Ek jinho ne inkar

Or ek jo shaq mein they

To issi base per hum is duniya mein bheje gaye .. jino ne ikraar kiya wo shiooon k ghar peda huwa jinho ne inkar kiya wo Christian hindu sikh etc k ghr aur jinko shaq tha wo kabhi b kisi bhi mazhab se badal sktey hain per jinho ne ikaar aur iqraar kiya wo poori zindagi wese hi rahein gey

Kiya yeh hakeekat hy can any 1 elaborate this ???

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Do you seriously believe that all people who are born in Shia families remain Shia until their death and all of them will go to heaven? People born in Shia families face really difficult tests. Even in the communities where they are safe and wealthy, they cannot live normal and peaceful lives. They commit major sins and force their kids to commit sins. I don't get the over- confidence of Shias. We are supposed to remain between hope and fear but I have seen so many Shias who are sure that they are going to heaven. 

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Maula Ali (AS) prolonged his prayers and sujood in the dark of night. Fasted all day. Cried from the fear of Allah. And we shias will go to heaven just for being born shia. YOU HAVE TO PROVE YOURSELF WORTHY. PERIOD. Pathetic notion held by illiterate shias of (mostly) sub-continent. :(

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