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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Tawakkul or self confidence

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Salam Alikum, Brothers I wanted to know something about Tawakkul.

I have a big confusion that  How can we trust someone whose intention we don't know and who never told trusting me will surely get what you are looking for.

here's an example I came up with

Suppose I need health to live life happily. to achieve that goal  I have two ways.

No 1: Start eating good food follow physician instruction. And trusting on life-system that this way most of the people get health and I will get health too. If will not get I will think it was not in my Luck (taqdeer)

No 2: Ask Dua from Allah give me health. Start eating healthy food, follow the physician instructions and trust Allah but I also know that Allah may not approve it because He also testifies peoples. So having both possibilities how can I be sure and confidence of getting health.

Now my question is simple, we dont know the Intention of God so we dont know we will achieve the goal or not, so whats the point of being confident in life. I think Living a confidence life is a myth.

Pls clarify.

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W Salam

Tawakkul means to have your plans, calculations, etc, and then start your job with Tawakkul, that is: trust in Allah and His plan. There might be differences in the two plans, but that's what Tawakkul is for; trust Allah's plan as a whole, with its different parts like testing, success, failure ....

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I will just use your example to explain.

If you try your best to stay healthy, excersice ,go on a diet and detox and do tawakul, and you still fall sick, it will still benefit a believer, as you did everything to attain a healthy body, but by falling sick, Allah clears some of your sins and gives you a healthy soul. Soul detox.

Healthy soul is more important than healthy body

Hence you still benefit.

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