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3 hours ago, celestial said:

It's haram to shave your beard you know.

Different scholars say shaving the beard is haram, but some of them will allow exceptions, such as theatening by a parent who wants you to shave it off or being humiliated at the work place or school, etc. 

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7 hours ago, celestial said:

My marja is Sistani.

Salam. Since you follow Ayatullah Sistani HA, this is from his website:

Based on obligatory precaution it is not permissible for a man to shave his beard. Similarly, it is not permissible for him to just leave the hair on his chin and shave the sides. This too is based on obligatory precaution. (See the question-answer section below.)A Muslim is allowed to shave his beard, if he is compelled to do so or if he is forced to shave it for medical reasons, etc. It also allowed if he fears harm to his life by not shaving or if growing the beard would put him in difficulty (for example, if it becomes a cause of ridicule and humiliation that is not normally tolerable by a Muslim).


If Ayatullah Sistani HA has an exception for shaving the beard, the same exception would be allowed for the photo. 

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Salaam Alaykum,

Please someone reply to this question...not sure about this situation.

Basically, I put money forth with absolute knowing that I had engaged in a chance (gambling). If I got no benefit or rather no money out of it, I don't need to pay anything to charity as such do I? Repenting is the only thing I have done.



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