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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

[LAWS]Painting is haram in Islam ?

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zahra kazmi

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Hope everyone here is fine. 

I am a literature student and so much interested in art work specially in making portraits and sketches. But I got to know that painting or sketch-making is considered Haram in Islam. Is that true ? Should I quit my art work or are there any limitations ??( It may sound strange but I've never tried to find this query's answer.) My friends say that its a God'gifted quality that my portraits look so perfect ( i don't think so.. by the way) and that I must not think that its haram..etc but I am worried, its true that art work gives a satisfaction that's why I don't want to quit. But if there is any Islamic rule which says its haram, please share that.. Thanks in advance.....

Best Regards

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Painting living creatures, such as human beings and the like, in three dimensions is haraam, as a mater of ihtiyat. As for ordinary painting, evidently it is permissible. There is no harm in photographic imaging that is commonly used nowadays. There is no harm too in acquiring three dimensional portraits and selling [trading in] them, albeit the latter is makrooh.

Al-Masaa’il, article 634



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3D painting is a form of sculpting. Just to clarify. 

So painting/drawing on canvas, board, etc. is okay and you don't have to worry about it.

I have also seen a lecture by Sheikh Sami Khadra (if I remember correctly, if not, may Allah [s.w.t] forgive my ignorance) in which he said that sculpting parts of the human/animal body is okay. So a head without a body, for example, should be fine.

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16 minutes ago, zahra kazmi said:

So making a sculpture or 3D painting..that is very popular now a days is Haram...Thank God I am not good at 3d art... :D but other paintings or portrait-making is okay or Makrooh ? Please clarify......

According to Sayyed al-Sistani that would be permissible. Who do you follow?

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