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In the Name of God بسم الله

How can the shias unite?

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salam dear friends , it is extremely important for the shias to unite in order for the imam (ajf) to reappear , but with so many differences existing between many shia groups , what should be the foundation of unity? please share your thoughts on the matter , jazakhallah khair

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9 minutes ago, celestial said:

Maybe the unity you are talking about was never meant to be? See these hadiths;


- حدثنا محمد بن يعقوب قال: حدثنا علي بن إبراهيم، عن محمد بن عيسى، عن يونس، عن سليمان بن صالح رفعه إلى أبي جعفر محمد بن علي الباقر قال: قال:

إنّ حديثكم هذا لتشمئز منه قلوب الرجال فانبذوه إليهم نبذاً فمَن أقرّ به فزيدوه، ومَن أنكر فذروه، إنه لا بدّ من أن تكون فتنةٌ يسقط فيها كلّ بطانة ووليجة حتى يسقط فيها مَن يشق الشعرة بشعرتين حتى لا يبقى إلاّ نحن وشيعتنا.


Muhammad bin Ya'qoob narrated from Ali bin Ibraheem from Muhammad bin Eessa from Younus from Sulayman bin Salih that Abu Ja'far al-Baqir (as) had said:

“Your talk (about al-Qa'im) disgusts the hearts of men. Say it to them forcefully. Say more to whoever accepts it and leave aside whoever denies it. There must be a sedition, by which companions, kin and even those, who split a hair into two (who are so strict and accurate), fall until no one remains save us and our sincere Shia (followers).”


- حدثنا أبو سليمان أحمد بن هوذة الباهلي، قال: حدثنا أبو إسحاق إبراهيم بن إسحاق النهاوندي سنة ثلاث وسبعين ومائتين قال: حدثنا عبد الله بن حماد الأنصاري سنة تسع وعشرين ومائتين، عن رجل، عن أبي عبد الله: أنه دخل عليه بعض أصحابه فقال له: جعلت فداك، إني والله أحبك وأحب من يحبك، يا سيدي ما أكثر شيعتكم، فقال له: أذكرهم، فقال: كثير، فقال: تحصيهم؟ فقال: هم أكثر من ذلك. فقال أبو عبد الله:

أما لو كمُلت العدّة الموصوفة ثلاثمائة وبضعة عشر كان الذي تريدون، ولكنّ شيعتنا مَن لا يعدو صوته سمعه ولا شحناؤه بدنه ولا يمدح بنا معلناً ولا يخاصم بنا قالياً ولا يجالس لنا عايباً ولا يحدث لنا ثالباً ولا يحب لنا مبغضاً ولا يبغض لنا محباً.


Abu Sulayman Ahmad bin Hawtha al-Bahili narrated from Abu Iss’haq Ibraheem bin Iss’haq an-Nahawandi from Abdullah bin Hammad al-Ansari from someone that one of the companions had come to Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (as) and said to him:

“May I die for you! By Allah, I love you and love whoever loves you. O my master, how many your Shia are!”

Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (as) said: “Would you please mention them?”

The man said: “They are too many.”

He said: “Could you count them?”

The man said: “They are much more than to be counted.”

Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (as) said: “If the number becomes three hundred and a little more then what you want will happen. Our Shia are those, whose voice dose not pass beyond their ears, nor does their zeal go beyond their body, nor do they praise us openly, nor quarrel with anyone because of us, nor sit with anyone criticizing us, nor talk with anyone abusing us, nor love whoever hates us and do not hate whoever loves us.”


فقلت: فكيف أصنع بهذه الشيعة المختلفة الذين يقولون إنهم يتشيعون؟

فقال: فيهم التمييز وفيهم التمحيص وفيهم التبديل، يأتي عليهم سنون تفنيهم، وسيف يقتلهم، واختلافٌ يبددهم. إنما شيعتنا من لا يهرّ هرير الكلب ولا يطمع طمع الغراب، ولا يسأل الناس بكفّه وإن مات جوعاً.

قلت: جعلت فداك، فأين أطلب هؤلاء الموصوفين بهذه الصفة؟

فقال: أطلبهم في أطراف الأرض، أولئك الخفيض عيشهم، المنتقلة دارهم، الذين إن شهدوا لم يعرفوا، وإن غابوا لم يفتقدوا، وإن مرضوا لم يعادوا، وإن خطبوا لم يزوّجوا، وإن ماتوا لم يشهَدوا، أولئك الذين في أموالهم يتواسون، وفي قبورهم يتزاورون، ولا تختلف أهواؤهم وإن اختلفت بهم البلدان.


The man said: “Then how do we deal with these different groups, who pretend that they are Shia?”

He said: “They will be tried, purified and distinguished. Years come that will perish them, a sword that will kill them and disagreement that will scatter them. Our real Shia are those, who do not growl like a dog, do not covet like a crow and do not ask people for alms even if they die of hunger.”

The man said: “May I die for you! Where can I find such a kind of people?”

He said: “You can find them in the far sides of the world. They are those, whose lives are so simple, whose abodes move from place to another, who if are seen, will not be known, if absent, will not be missed, if become ill, will not be visited, if propose to a woman, will not be married and if die, their funerals will not be attended. It is they, who divide their monies among them, who visit each other in their graves and who never disagree even if their countries are different.”



jazkahallah for your help my friend , and yeah I suppose only time will tell , maybe the unity is not even a requisite for the reappearance of the imam (ajf) , I asked the question because a lot of ulema and knowledgeable people always push for unity which I personally believe is a good thing , but is it realistic? And imam Mahdi (ajf) himself in one of his letters to sheikh mufeed talked about how if all his shias got together with united hearts and sincerely prayed for his reappearance then his eminence would reappear in a heart beat , and the promised deliverance wont be delayed , But I think this message of unity is only for the true shias not shias like me who only use the label to identify themselves with a certain sect , anyway jazakhallah once again for your help , may peace and blessings be with you in the name of Muhammad and ahle Muhammad

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Without unity there can be no readiness for return of imam Mahdi. We have had 11 other imams who had to suffer through the disunity of the Shias, what makes anyone thing Allah will send the 12th imam if we have no capacity to protect him?

Shias do have the means for unity, and it is through the Marjas, particularly welayat Fagih. Through this, the Shias have been able to have successful revolutions while others have failed. Imam Mahdi has said that in gheybat, those who narrate our hadith are proof upon us as he is proof upon them. Without this proof, and the unity that's created around them, Shias as an ummah can not uniformly become prepared for the return, and discord and fitneh will tear them apart.

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One of the best known hadiths talks about 73 sects of which all but one go to hell. Of those sects we have 13 so-called shias. Therefore, the majority of shias are astray. Once we have 313 it's over for oppression. How many shias are there today alive? 300,000,000? So 300/300 000 000... multipled by 100 = ..  0.0001% .. so approx 1 in every million.


To give you a perspective, how many members are there on ShiaChat?


One thing is for sure: whoever makes it to the 313 will be very different and most likely hated by most shias and non shias alike. 


Much like the Rabbis during the time of Jesus, most humans dont like change. The 313 will challenge the status quo, and will not be afraid to say it. They are against mainstream, because mainstream at the end-times will be a road to hell.

Most will resist new ideas and uncovering of truths, because they are happy with their current belief system, and they love popularity. 313 will not be afraid to be labelled as "crazy" by people who hold on to ignorance for the sake of temporary comfort. People who will sell their souls to satan without knowing it, till it's too late.


The time of the 313 will not be a merciful one, until they win. Once they win the extreme wrath will be turned to extreme prosperity and safety for all God-willing.

However, i am sure the 313 would be most willing to unite with anyone under the controversial banner of truth, and more so than anyone else, until the time has come. The time of total destruction for their enemies and revenge.

Also let me add that the 313 will not be exclusively from self proclaimed "shia" families, as God guides who he chooses. There are likely to be Christians, Jews, atheists, pagans etc, who got purified and then chosen for this task. So it is less than one in a million "shia" who make it in sha Allah. Shiachat is a good recruiting platform nonetheless. We should never lose hope.


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"The Jews have split into seventy-one sects, and my Ummah will divide into seventy-three."...

Indees, discord and sectarianism are a sign of the end of times predicted by the Prophet (PBUH). Does that make Fitnah invevitable? Is it possible to unite Shias? Let alone all Muslims.  All mankind is inflicted by ever deeper divisions.

and the Prophet (PBUH) said "(...) my Ummah will split into seventy-three sects: one will enter Paradise and seventy-two will enter Hell." Someone asked, "O Messenger of Allah, who will they be?" He replied, "The main body of the Muslims (al-jama'ah)." 

Forgive me, I would not like to offend anyone. Have you ever considered an option that Imam Mahdi may impersonate all the Ummah strong and unified? I mean, not any specific individual, but a spirit of unity which may prevail one day among Muslims? All ordinary citizens consolidated from atomized crowd of John. Q. Public into a collective unity.  The form of government or a person of a ruler is one thing. But even the wisest and most charismatic leader must be able to base his rule on well-prepared and conscious society, 

Changing the ruler does not guarantee anything, however hard we would like to believe and hope

To win the revolutions (even successful) is one thing, to build Ummah another...

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Building the ummah will require additional revolutions as well: economical, cultural, etc... How can we expect imam Mahdi to return to an ummah which is no different than the ones of the previous imams. The same simple mindedness, betrayals, materialism and the inability to differentiate from truth and false hood. The 313 will be his inner circle, but the masses need to be elevated as well to be able to support him.

This requires cultural revolutions, where the Shias look only towards Islam to resolve their social problems. A simple example is usury, something that is the basis of modern economic system, and is deemed as war against Allah by Quran. The more the ummah is contaminated by it, the more they lose their faith and become distant from imam mahdi. To combat this we need to redefine the economic system in our nations according to the principles of Islam, and it can only be done through unification under proper Islamic leadership. The political revolution (Iran 1979) was the first phase, then cultural and economical will have to follow, until the ummah has been elevated for the return.

Anything else is simply asking Allah to send imam Mahdi to another Kufi population.

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we must unite againist our true emenies,

we must stand againist the followers of the taghut and jibt, who imam as will burn and scatter into the seas. if we raise the staus of ahlul bayt as before the people eyes, but don't smash the idols we haven't down thw work.


let start by the shia joining for dua at fajr and magraib in our hussayniahs and reading dua, and we should encourage dua sane quarish in jamiat!

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On 3/25/2016 at 11:48 AM, sharinganMahdi said:

salam dear friends , it is extremely important for the shias to unite in order for the imam (ajf) to reappear , but with so many differences existing between many shia groups , what should be the foundation of unity? please share your thoughts on the matter , jazakhallah khair


In my humble opinion, the first and foremost important thing is to elect a leader from among ourselves. This must be done before anything is done, or any word has been said. This must be done before the reappearance of our Imam and this is the single most important thing that must be done. Every community small or large must elect a leader. Those leaders must come together to elect a leader for all shias. This must be done. Everything else must be done after that.

This is my opinion and if you are interested I can mention some narrations that back up my opinion.

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By Doing Taqleed,,,, follow the fatwa of Mujtahid in every aspect of life and do not put forward personal thoughts and remarks in conflict with maraja.........have  strong coordinated corruption free financial systems involving all the shia communities through out the world Turkey,iran.iraq.pakistan.india,bahrain,lebanon,azerbaijan......Unity is strength....abolish nationalism and racism....identity only path of Ahl e bait a.s

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Well unity is very difficult to achieve and especially among the shia

People who follow a certain maria believe theirs is the best and refuse to follow other maria and this is just the beginning

Others believe that marja  are not necessary and follow their own instincts

If we look at the shia today we see many divisions....some shia are zaydi as in yemen, others are ismali....others are alevi.....some are alawi....and then there is jaafari....and others exist

Then within Jaafari we have those who follow a leader ayatollah and some who do not....akbari and usuli

Then we have some who are against wilayat faqih and others who are for it......

Then you have more divisions among the people of wilayat faqih and its extension and others who are against wilayat faqih and its influence

And the division goes on and on

We even have shia or lovers of ahlul bait who hate the wilayat faqih and the political system of Iran

And we have the Iran-iraq war in which thousands of shiites from both sides were killed.....a ruler like Saddam scared the shiites of Iraq and forced them to kill their brethren shia of iran.....and it took only a ruler like saddam to do this......now imagine a bigger fitna and trial such as that of the Sufyani or the Jews of Israel....i bet the shia would really be manipulated when this happens.....

So yes unity is difficult.....and one way to strengthen unity will be through the ayatollah being united.....then the masses can follow

It is said in a hadith.....that the shia of Iraq will be one of the first to fight imam mahdi when he arrives because they are satisfied with the status quo and he wants to change that.......there will be much bloodshed in kUFA najaf because the people will fight against the imam and he will kill them......

The shia can be divided into two main groups.....good and bad........and this number is split unequally ....there are more evil and bad shia than there are good shia because evil and bad are always more than good in numbers and is the case everywhere.....

I pray for the shia to not be deceived by satan and his allies.....and to not let ignorance and arrogance get the better of them because hellfire is waiting for as many people as possible to enter it......

But again.....the evil and bad shia will die in a bad state......but will be purified in the next world and will be cleansed through torture....and punishment until they are free of sins and can enter heaven on the day of judgement.......but if these people these shia could not leave this world in a good state then what would there stance be when the imam arrives.....most likely not in favour because they want to sin and do evil deeds instead of following the right path.....

And when the imam arrives there will be both bad and good shia living on earth......and after a series of wars and battles.....the shia will be forced to unite and will all be put on the right path.....in the end it is luck which will determine who lives during the time of the imam.....lucky are the ones that will.......but unlucky are the ones who will be killed by their own imam.....

So if there is a wish to be made.....then it would be "may Allah make me live during the time of imam and support him and be one of his followers and it doesn't matter how.....even if i am one of the lowest among his followers just as a simple citizen who is living in a good way......that is all that matters.....

May Allah forgive us for our sins.....Oh Allah forgive me for my sins and oh Ahlul bait pray for me to follow the path of Allah and his ahlul bait correctly.......and if i die forgive me for my wrongdoings and make my grave a place of heaven......and give me good tidings....

We all should ask Allah for his forgiveness and his mercy at all times.......this is what we really matters....becuase if we are good momineen then automatically we are brothers with one another and brothers are more than just that......they are united and this is what unity is......unity is being a good momin brother to his fellow brother.....then unity would happen.....


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