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In the Name of God بسم الله

Discussion of duration of our salah or namaz

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I've done a cursory search for any topics on how long our prayers are or should be but have come up empty. I've seen some people mention hypothetical, such as 10min prayers but not for how many rakas. This is surprising to me how difficult it is to find such information since it is a pillar of our faith. I've seen hadiths mention Jafar Al Sadiq (as) in sujood long enough to say Subhana'Allah.. 300x! And similar narrations of the Prophet (saw) as well as his recitation of other verses or dua in certain positions at night. I don't have these narrations at hand but would like to gather them here for this discussion soon.

I have a difficult time determining this, I'm sure I'll always feel the need to do more, I'd like to continue the struggle regardless of the bare minimum considering we have such great examples in the Prophet(saw) and the AhlBayt (as). Right now, I hold prayer for about 30-45 for a full 4 rakas including wudu. The mental pressure from work responsibilities (more like stigma created in my own mind) makes it hard to concentrate on the prayer which in turn makes the salat or namaz last much longer in order to make up for such breaks in concentration! Also for reference, I am a native English speaker as well as only recently starting to fulfill my obligations of the daily prayers (about a month or so) and even more recently starting Sunnah and Witr prayers ( a few days or so). By no means an example to hold up but rather quite the opposite, ignorant. I'm hoping to find hadiths of the Prophet and his family (sawwm), personal times such as averages, minimums and maximums to the best of your knowledge, and criteria for these durations, such as Sunnah vs fard, per rakah or as a whole, tired or awake, very spiritual vs not (we all have ups and downs), speaking etc...  In the end, only God can measure and weigh these individually and as a whole but I'd like to have this information somewhere for our benefit. I'm recalling a verse saying we should pray until we find peace or die. That's a good place to start :)

This would make a good app like fitbit actually! I am a programmer by trade so if any brothers or sisters would like this, I'd love to contribute for only the blessings of God regardless for your own profits.

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First and foremost, in order for something to have automatic length, it should have depth, when there is true understanding there is depth, which leads to lenght.

Other wise it becomes a repetitive cycle of mindless physical motion.

Here is a hadith emphasizing on quality rather than quantity:

Oh Ali do you want six hundred thousand Sheeps, or six hundred thousand dinar or six hundred thousand sentences?

Imam Ali (a.s) said:Oh Messenger of Allah ! Six hundred thousand sentences.

The messenger ( pbuh ) said :

I will Summerize Six hundred thousand sentences in Six sentences:

-When you see people busy with voluntarily acts of worship, you perfect your obligatory acts.

-Whenever people are busy with the affairs of the world, you fullfill the acts of the hereafter.

-Whenever you see people busy with other people's faults, you seek your own faults.

-Whenever you see people beautifing the world, you occupy yourself with beautifing the here after.

-Whenever people are busy with increasing their quanity of acts , you focus on perfection, and the quality of your acts.

-Whenever you see people resorting to creation you resort to God All mighty.

( Moaez adadiyah - mizan Al Hikmah vol. 3 page 2403) 

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