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In the Name of God بسم الله

Who is ahmad al hassan and why do some people call him the yemani?

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Regarding the will of rasoulallah about the 12 Mahdi's which is being thrown around, there is a good analysis of the authenticity and isnad of the hadith which was posted before:

Points to take away:

- The hadith has only one real source All other sources sites are copies.

- Up to 6 of 8 narrators are mahjool (unknown). This means it is a vey weak hadith.

- Only one chain of narration exists for this hadith, made of up of unknown individuals.

- None of the classic scholars believed in the concept of 12 mahdis as successors of infalable imams

- No special status is given to the title Mahdi (ie. Not imams)

- The hadith contradicts well known sahih hadith stating:

         - Earth is not allowed to be without an Imam; and that if this were to happen, the Earth would destroy its inhabitants.

         - If someone does not know the imam of his time, they will die the death of jaheliat

- conclusion, the hadeeth of the will is dha`eef jiddan (very weak), lacks contextual evidences, fails some contextual evidences, and opposes some hadeeths. Therefore, it is unacceptable evidence.


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@Shiawarrior313, Shiekh al-Tusi, who was known as the ‘Father of the Shia’, and who started the very first Hawza of Najaf, Iraq, wrote in his book ‘Ghaibat ul Tusi’,regarding his opinion on the authenticity of the will of the Holy Prophet (pbuh & his family): قلنا أما الذي يدل على صحتها فإن الشيعة الامامية يروونها على وجه التواتر خلفا عن سلف و طريقة تصحيح ذلك موجودة في كتب الامامية “We have said: ‘And what has lead to its authenticity, the Shia Imamya see it on the way of Tawaater (definite degree of surety) disregarding the others, and the way it has been authentic is present in the books of the Imamya.’“ 

Imam Ali pbuh wrote down the Will.

From Imam Musa Al Kazim a.s He said: I said to Abi Abdullah a.s: "Wasn't the Prince of the Believers a.s the writer of the will and the Messenger of Allah s.a.w was the one dictating and Gabriel and the close angels pbut? He said: He pbuh put His head down for a long time and then He said: O Aba Al Hasan it happened what you said."
Ref: Kafi v.1 p.281

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said: "Who died and didn't make a will died the death of Jahilya" Wasael AlShia v.19 p.259 h.8
Manaqib Abi Taleb v.2 p.246

From AlRitha pbuh he said to the Christians:"And the Messenger of Allah s.a.w.w during his death he called Ali pbuh and made a will and handed a paper to him which had the names of which Allah specialized the Prophets and executors for..."Ithbat AlHudat v.1 p.613-615

Verily, Allah commands you to perform your Trusts to its people"Imam Abi Abdullah[AlSaadiq] pbuh said: It is by Allah the trust to the Imam and the will.
Basaer AlDarajat p.496
عن أبي بصير قال سمعت أبا عبد الله عليه السلام يقول: [إن الله يأمركم ان تؤدوا الأمانات إلى أهلها]. قال: [هو والله أداء الأمانة إلى الامام والوصية] بصائر الدرجات ص496.

From Abi AlSabah from Abi Abdullah pbuh, he said: I asked him about the Will. So he said: It is a right upon every Muslim.
Ithbat AlHudat v.1 p.99

Every Will has witnesses and the witnesses for the writing in the night of the Prophet's death were the following:

Speech of Rasool Allah (s) after the words of Umar on the Calamity Thursday
He (s) remained silent until the ones who were in the house stood up (and left), and there remained Ali (as), and Fatima (sa), and Al-Hassan (as), and Al-Husayn (as), and wear started standing up to leave, I (Salman) and my companions Abu Dharr and Al-Miqdad. Ali (as) said to us: ‘Be seated!’ He (s) intended to ask the Rasool Allah (s) and wanted us to hear it, so the Rasool Allah (s) initiated by saying: ‘O my brother, did you hear what the enemy of Allah (swt) said? Jibraeel (as) came to me beforehand and informed me that he (Umar) is the Samiry of this community and that his companion is its calf, and that Allah (swt) has Decreed that there be sects and differentiation be in my community differ after me, therefore He (swt) Ordered me that I should write that writing which I intended to write it, in the paper (shoulder-bone) for you and these three can witness and be witnesses to it, so get me a Parchment’.
The Book Of Sulaym Bin Qays Al Hilali, Part 7, Page 5.

O you who have believed, testimony [should be taken] among you when death approaches one of you at the time of the Wasya(Will) - [that of] two just men from among you or two others from outside if you are traveling through the land and the disaster of death should strike you. Detain them after the prayer and let them both swear by Allah if you doubt [their testimony, saying], "We will not exchange our oath for a price, even if he should be a near relative, and we will not withhold the testimony of Allah . Indeed, we would then be of the sinful.

The witnesses of the Prophet's Will were Salman, Miqdad and Abu Thar and Imam Ali pbuh was the one writing.

Narrators of the Will of Muhammad (pbuh & his family) and their Credibility  
1- Ahmad in Abdulwahaab
Rijal AlToosi p.413-414 5988
"Everything he narrated is accepted." 
Amal Al-Amaal AlHur Al-Amili v.2 p.16-17
"And what he approved is reliable from what is corrected from the Sheikh." 
Mustadrakat Ilm Alhadeeth AlSheikh Ali AlNamazi AlShahroodi v.1 p.359-360 1157.
"He is praised and his narrations are saheeh." 
Mujam Al-Rijal Alhadeeth Al-Sayed Al-Khoei v.2 p.152 655.
"He is a Thiqa [reliable] because he is a scholar from Najaashi."
2- AlHussein Ibn Abaydallah
Al-Gada'eri Rijal Al-Najashi p.68-69
166 he says:
"All his narrations are acceptable from his scholars."
"He is our sholar May Allah be pleased with him." 
Rijal Al-Toosi p.425 6117
"We have heard of him and we have accepted all his narrations." 
Mujam Rijal AlHadeeth Sayed AlKhoei v.7 p.22-23 3940
"We cant refuse the mans' authenticity."
"He is from the sides of Sheikh Al-Najaashy and all his scholars are reliable (Thuqaat)."
3- Abi Abdullah Al-Hussain ibn Ali ibn Sufyan
Rijal Al-Najashi p.67-68 -162
"A scholar that is thiqa (reliable) a great friend of ours."
Sheikh Toosi in Rijalaho p.423 6092
"He is valuable and his appellation is Aba Abdullah."
Wathqa Alama Al-Hili Khalasat Al-Aqwaal p.115
"Sheikh that is Thiqa (reliable), a great friend of ours and valuable."
4- Ali ibn Sinaan Al-Musali AlAdl
Sheikh Al-Namaazi Al-Shahroodi in his book Mustadrakaat Ilm Al-Rijaal Al-Hadeeth 10071 says:
"He is the modifier."
"Well respected narrations that assist its fineness and completeness."
5- Ali ibn Hussein
Rijal Al-Najaashi p.261-262 -684 he says:
"One of the grand scholars of his times, and the head of them in knowledge, and their jurist, and their Thiqa (reliable)."
Rijal Al-Toosi p.432 6191 he says:
"Thiqa (reliable) he has many compilations we have mentioned them in the Fihrast."
6- Ahmad ibn Muhammad Al-Khaleel
Sheikh Ali Al Numaazi Al-Shahroodi in his book Ilm Al-Rijaal AlHadeeth 1532 he says:
"It assists that he is fine and complete."
AlSudooq used his narration from Jaafer ibn Muhammad Al-Alawi Al-Areethi by Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Jaafer Al-Ahwaazi with hadeeth Fawaatem for Fathaa'el Al-Shia Book of Imaan p.122 v.68 p.76 Mustadrakat Ilm Al-Rijaal AlHadeeth v.1 p.434.
AlGaiba p.103 from Ali ibn Sinaan AlMusili Al Adel from Ahmad ibn Muhammad AlKhaleel from Muhammad ibn Saaleh Al-Hamdaani narration on their names and their qualities from Muftathab Al-Athar in this chain of trasmission v.9 p.125 v.36 p.216.
7- Jaafer ibn Ahmad AlMasri
Sheikh Ali Al-Namaazi AlShahroodi Mustadrakaat Ilm Rijal Al-Hadeeth 2533
"He has a very respected narration v.2 p.143."
Tareekh Al-Islam AlThahabi v.23 p.139
"Mirza Al-Noori says that when the(majority(Ahlulsunna))criticize the narrations that aid the Shia is a proof that the scholars are reliable."
8- AlHassan ibn Ali
Rijal Al-Najaashi p.66 155
"The speaker  is thiqa reliable."
Mustadrakaat Ilm Al-Rijaal Alhadeeth Sheikh Ali AlNamazi AlShahroudi v.3 p.156 44181
"The narrator is thiqa [reliable]."
9- Ali ibn Sabaya (father of Hussein ibn Ali Al-Masri who is thiqa)

Full analysis of the Chain of Narrators of the Will of Prophet Mohammed pbuhap:

Sheikh AlToosi Narrated from AlJama'a from Abi Abdullah Hussain son of Ali son of Sufyan AlBuzoofri from Ali son of Sinan Moosali from Ali son of AlHussain from Ahmed son of Muhammad son of Khaleel from Jaafar son of Ahmed AlMasri from his uncle Hussain son of Ali AlMasri from his father from Abi Abdullah Jaafar son of Muhammad AlSaadiq pbuh.

Firstly, the will of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was reported by the leader of the Shia sect Sheikh AlToosi who was a student of Shareef AlMurtatha and reports from his Sheikhs Ahmad son of Abdoon(died in 427 A.H) and Hussain Ibn Ubaydallah AlGatha'eri(died in 410 A.H). The Jama'a(the group)in which Sheikh AlToosi received and copied the will lived during the time of the late third century to the fourth century and they are Ahmed son of Abdoon,Hussain Ibn Ubaydallah AlGathaeri.And in Istibsaar.  Sheikh Al-Toosi says "And what I have mentioned from Abi Abdullah Al-Hussain ibn Sufyan Al-Barzoofri, Ahmad ibn Abdoon and Al-Hussein ibn Ubaydallah reported me it. AlIstibsaar v.4 p.342. Ahmad Ibn Abdoon and Al-Hussein Ibn Ubaydallah AlGathaeri, both of these great scholars were absolutely reliable and have no dust on them at all in terms of their trustworthiness and how much Sheikh AlToosi used to rely on the narrations they kept with them. He called the Jama'a and whatever he reports from AlBuzoofri(who we will speak about next) is through Ubaydallah AlGathaeri and Ahmed Ibn Abdoon. This is because its not possible that Sheikh AlToosi lived during AlBuzoofris time because of the period in between so that is why it was through the Jama'a -as we mentioned beforehand-Sheikh AlToosi was able to receive a copy of the Prophet's will.

Who did the Jama'a, Ahmad son of Abdoon and AlGatheri copy the will from?

Now, AlBuzoofri brothers and sisters is among the deputies of Imam Al Mahdi a.s. according to Sheikh Alaama AlMajlesy and Sayed AlShaheed AlSader, as he lived during the time of Gaibat AlSugra and the reports tell us that he used to copy hadeeths or report hadeeths from people like Humaid Ibn Zyad around 310 A.H and also 306 A.H from Ahmed son of Idrees AlQummi who is the Sheikh of his own father. AlBuzoofri also reports from the third ambassadar Hussain Ibn Rooh r.a(who died on 320 A.H) and also report to specific individuals some unseen knowledge as one of the cases occured in the year of 317 A.H where a man called Abu Muhammad AlHasan son of Ali son of Ismael son of Jaafar son of Muhammad son of Ubdaydallah son of Muhammad son of Omar son of Ali Ibn Abi Taleb a.s. AlJarajani reports a case where a man is rejecting his son because he didn't believe it was his so a man went to AlBuzoofri and while he was present, AlBuzoofri said to him:"The son is his, he performed it with her on a 
day of so and so and in a place of so and so" Shaheed AlSader says that this is evidence that he obtained information from Imam Al Mahdi a.s. and Sheikh AlMajlesy says that AlBuzoofri was among the deputies but it was not transmitted to us.(Gaibat AlSugra p.523)

So AlBuzoofri was a trustworthy and honorable man and reports even tell us that he lived during the times of 352 A.H(as what Sheikh Aba AlAbbas AlSayrafi reports) and also 365 A.H(as what Sheikh Talakabra reports). So this deputy lived after the small occultation and after the death of the fourth ambassador AlSimmiri(who died in 329 A.H).

After we showed that AlBuzoofri lived the most significant times of the small occultation and the ambassadors of Imam Al Mahdi a.s. The will of the Prophet s.a.w says that AlBuzoofri reports from Ali son of Sinaan AlMoosali.

Ali son of Sinaan AlMoosal
i reports from a man called Muhammad son of Saleh AlHamadani who was a deputy of Imam Al Mahdi a.s. and was a companion of Imam Hasan AlAskari a.s. according to what Ilm AlRijaal has shown. Ali son of Sinaan Al Moosali's father was also someone who lived during the times of Imam AlHasan AlAskari pbuh and also after his death. The narrations always tell us that he reports from his father and he was called AlAdel according to the Prophet's will and AlAdel means: Hur AlAmali said:The second martyr said:Enunciations of Tadeel(correctifying): was 'Adel', Thiqa(trustowrthy),Hujja, Saheeh in hadeeth. Wasael AlShia v.30 p.288 

This tells us that one of the ways where someone is considered to be reliable is when he is called AlAdel and that was what Ali son of Sinaan AlMoosali was called. And he Ali son of Sinaan AlMoosali also was mentioned in a hadeeth which was considered to be Saheeh(authentic)by a great scholar in Qom called Sheikh Muhammad Baqer AlKajori, so Ali son of Sinaan was a Shia reliable narrator in the book of Khasa'es Al-Fatimya. v.3 p.498. The other thing to know is that Ali son of Sinaan AlMoosali took a hadeeth from a deputy of Imam Al Mahdi a.s. like Muhammad son of Saleh AlHamadany and a deputy of Imam Al Mahdi a.s. like AlBuzoofri used to take from him. And adding to that his father saw and reports about Imam Hasan AlAskari a.s.

And what supports that Ali son of Sinaan AlMoosali is reliable was that AlBuzoofri the deputy himself reports from him.

Now Ali son of Sinaan AlMoosaly reports from who?

He reports from Ali son of AlHussain son of Baabuya AlQummi(the father of Sheikh AlSadooq). The father of Sheikh AlSadooq(the author of Kamal AlDeen,Uyoon Akhbar AlRitha, Man La Yahdiraho AlFaqeeh and AlKhisal etc) lived during the time of Imam Hasan AlAskari a.s. and was praised by Imam Al Mahdi pbuh during the time of the third ambassador Sheikh Hussain son of Rooh when Imam AlZaman pbuh said to him in a letter:"We prayed for you and you will have two benevolent male sons"[Rijal AlNajashi p.261-262] and so one of them was Sheikh AlSadooq and even Sheikh AlSadooq was proud of that saying that I was born from the dua of the Imam a.s. as what Sheikh AlNajashi mentioned. So Ali son of Hussain was reliable and Thiqa no question about it.

Ali son of AlHussain the father of Sheikh AlSadooq reported the narration from who?

He reported the will from a Sheikh called Ahmed son of Muhammad son of Khaleel. Now what is interesting about this man is that this Sheikh reports from Muhammad son of Saleh AlHamadany(the deputy of Imam Al Mahdi a.s.) and Sheikh Muhammad Baqer AlKajori considered a chain of narrators to be Saheeh when Ahmad son of Muhammad AlKhaleeli was one of those in the chain. This hadeeth is in the book of Khasa'es AlFatamya(the special attributes of the Fatima's) v.2 p.498 and its known according to the late method of Ilm AlRijal that a hadeeth to have a Sanad which is Saheeh it means all the narrators are reliable and Ahmed son of Muhammad AlKhaleel was one of those in the chain and also Ali son of Sinaan AlMoosali'AlAdel' as we mentioned him before. So this Sheikh(AlKhaleeli) narrates about Ahlulbayt a.s. and their attributes and even Sheikh Ali AlNumazi in AlMustradak Ilm AlRijal h.1532 says that he reports a hadeeth indicating Husnaho(that he is good) and Kamalaho(and his perfection) because he narrates the names of the Imams pbut and their merits in more than one occasion. So this all leads to him being a Shia and that he is trustworthy that even Ali son of AlHussain AlQummi the Thiqa reports from him.

Now Ahmed son of Muhammad son of Khaleel reports from who?

He reports from the Rafithi Ahmad son of Jaafar son of Ali son of Bayan AlMasri. The reason why I called him a Rafithi is because the Sunnis used to hate him since he was narrating hadeeths about the merits of Imam Ali a.s. and a Sunni scholar like Ibn Uday used to despise what he narrates about Imam Ali a.s.For example like this hadeeth:Messenger of Allah s.a.w slapped the thigh of Ali a.s. and said:"Those who love you , love me and love Allah and those who hate you, hate me and hate Allah" Kamal Abdullah son of Uday v.5 p.127. This Nasibi Sheikh son of Uday considered this hadeeth to be false and belies it.The one reporting this hadeeth was Jafar son of Ahmed, the man who was mentioned in the chain of the Prophet's will. So Jafar son of Ahmed who died in the year 304 A.H before the second emissary Muhammad Ibn Uthman AlUmri who died 305 A.H. has reported this will and the Sunnis hated him for reporting a merit of Imam Ali a.s.Just like how the Sunni Sheikhs hated the rest of the companions condemn the followers of Imam Ali son of Abi Taleb a.s. 

So anyways, what is important to understand is that Jaafar son of Ahmad was a Shia and was despised by the Sunnis for his narrations about Ahlulbayt a.s. and AlThahabi who lived during the seventh century considered this man to be a lying Rafithi just like the other great companions of the Imams pbut they used to be called lying Rafithis. For example there is a Tafseer In AlTabari that Khayr AlBarya[the benevolent creation](in the Chapter of the Bayena) were Ali and his Shias so then the Sunni scholars of Ilm AlRijal considered the narrators in this chain to be lying Rafithis and also the hadeeths about Ali pbuh being the Khaleefa of the Prophet s.a.w. So just because they grappled hard on the rope of Ali son of Abi Taleb a.s. they were called Rafithis and liars according to the Ilm AlRijal of the Sunnis.

Now according to the Biographical Evaluation and Ilm AlRijal there is one last important thing to emphasize upon and its what Sheikh Mirza AlNoori AlTabrasi said: Sheikh Mirza AlNoori AlTabrasi:"The condemnation from the people of the Sunna against the narrators of the Shia is evidence that they are trustworthy; because the sign of greatness of the Shia narration and his trustworthiness and the severity in holding to Ahlulbayt a.s., is when the Aama(Sunnis) weaken him and counting him to be from the Gulat of the Shia"Khatimat AlMustadrak v.1 p.72 by Mirza AlNoori.

And also Sheikh AlKalbaasi said the same thing in the book of Sama AlMaqaal of Ilm AlRijal v.1 p.210-211.

So Jaafar son of Ahmed is trustworthy and he was a Shia of Ahlulbayt pbut may Allah swt have mercy on him for safekeeping such narrations despite the Banu Abbas l.a. influence during his time.

Now Jaafar son of Ahmed AlMasri reported from who?

He reported the hadeeth from Hussain son of Ali AlMasri who was his uncle. Hussain son of Ali AlMasri as you can read "Hussain son of Ali" the father of Hussain "Ali" was the grandfather of Jaafar as we spoke about him and they were one family narrating from each other the hadeeths of Ahlulbayt pbut because both of them have the word "Masri" in the end of each of their name. 

Hussain son of Ali lived during the time of Ali son of Qadem(who died 213 A.H) and Abi Dawood AlTayalsi(who died 245 A.H). Ali son of Qadem was one of the most severe person in Shiasm and he reports so many merits and attributes of Ali son of Abi Taleb a.s. and Hussain son of Ali Abu Abdullah AlMasri reports from him. Sheikh AlNumazi v.3 p.156 considered him to be trustworthy and he has a book concerning the Imamate.

Hussain son of Ali lived during the time of Imam AlJawad a.s. and Imam Ritha pbuh according to what Sayed Khoei said in his book of Mujam Rijal AlHadeeth v.7 p.40-41 and in Madeenat AlMaa'ejez v.1 p.31-33 by Sheikh AlBahrani(1107 A.H died before AlMajlesy) the author calls Hussain son of Ali Thiqa(trustworthy)and the Sheikh himself mentioned the Prophet's will in one of his books Gayat AlMaram.

Hussain son of Ali AlMasri also wrote a book against the innovator Hussain son of Ali AlKarabeesi who was one of the reasons behind the Fitna during the times of Banu AlAbbas l.a. when he said that the Quran is a creation and whoever says anything other than that is a Kaffir, so then he started to misguide the people. This Fitna influenced the clerics in Baghdad to take action and respond to him and Ahmad son of Hanbal was living during that time and also Imam Ali AlHadi pbuh knew about this Fitna and even sent a letter to one of his followers in Baghdad because they wanted to know if the Quran was a creation or if it was not a creation so the Imam said its neither of them because its the words of Allah swt.

Anyhow, in conclusion Hussain son of Ali AlMasri is trustworthy and was a Shia who wrote a book on the Imamate and reports from Shias of his time like Ali Ibn Qadem.

And the father of Hussain son of Ali was the one who reported the will of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w his name was Ali son of Bayan son of Nuraid son of Sabay AlMasri and he is the grandfather of Jaafar son of Ahmed son of Ali AlMasri and he was the one who met Imam Jaafar AlSaadiq a.s and passed the copy of the will to his son Hussain son of Ali. So they are one family Jafar son of Ahmed AlMasri, Hussain son of Ali AlMasri and Ali son of Bayan AlMasri, all of them preserving and safekeeping the narrations and knowledge, heritage of Ahlulbayt pbut. So Hussain son of Ali lived during the time of the very early second century when Ali son of Qadem was alive because he reports from him(before 213 A.H) which tells us that he lived before the birth of Imam AlHadi a.s. and then we are left with his father Ali son of Bayan AlMasri who lived before him and was the one who met Imam Jaafar AlSaadiq a.s. either during 148 A.H or before it.

So Alhamdulila rab AlAleem the chain of the Prophet's will is Mutabar as what Sheikh Mirza AlNoori said and counted among the Mutawaator narrations by Sheikh AlToosi.

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Salman (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) was not son of Imam Hasan al-Askari (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم), he is from the progeny of Imam al-Mahdi (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم). Imam Ahmed's (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) name is Ahmed bin Ismael bin Saleh bin Hussain bin Salman bin Mohammed al-Mahdi (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم). 

 It is not required for us to know the complete generational details specially in the case of lineage of Al Mahdi as, who unlike his fathers before PBUT is raised. Never did Imams PBUT ask us to do so, instead they have given us guidelines on how to know the claimant when he comes. 

- This is in addition to the fact, that his uncle's household as well as leaders of 4 clans have testified to the family tree of Ahmed as, that their lineage traces back to Imam Al Mahdi as, and Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has asked us to accept the testimonies of believers and not even to reject the testimonies of disbelievers.

- Finally this unknown descent is just as was prophesied by Imam Ali as, hence this trait only helps as a sign from the signs of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) to know the truth and rightful claim of Ahmed as.

Imam Ali (عليه السلام) on the pulpit of Kufa "There has to be a mill that crushes and when its axle begins to start it,Allah will send a harsh servant(slave of His) whose descent is (dubious,or unknown )." Gaibat Al Numani p.265

as well as this hadeeth from Abu Jafar as:

From Abdullah son of Ata he said: I said to Abu Jaafer(Imam AlBaqer(as)) tell me about the Qa'em(riser) so AlBaqer (عليه السلام) said:"By Allah it is not the one whom you -----extend your necks for----,and his birth is not known" Gaiba AlNumani p.173

So Shias know the birth and date, etc. of the Riser Imam Mohammed al-Mahdi (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم), but do not know of the Riser Imam Ahmed al-Hasan (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم).

Imam Al Baaqer (عليه السلام): "From the riser are two names,one is hidden and the other is revealed. As for the one that is hidden it is Ahmad and the one that is revealed it is Muhammad" Kamal Al Deen p.653 v.2 door 57

Sayed Muneer Khabaz one of the well known Shia clerics among the Twelvers confirms that Imam AlMahdi is married and has a lineage:


This is the family tree of Imam Ahmed al-Hasan (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) to which 4 Iraqi clans have testified that it traces back to Imam al-Mahdi (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم). 

And it says the following: " 1. Khizarwi Mohammed (tribal leader),  I support the lineage of Mohsin ibn Saleh ibn Hussain ibn Salman and his truthfulness and honesty. And that the lineage traces back to Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام), Mohammed ibn al-Hasan al-Askari (عليه السلام).

2. Sheikh Shaya Ismail, I am Sheikh Shaya Ismail from the family of Faisal from the tribe of the progeny of Abu Muhammad. I confirm the lineage of Mohsin ibn Saleh ibn Hussain ibn Salman which traces back to Imam al-Mahdi (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم).

3. alMusawi al Hamami (son of a Marja) , this is the lineage of Mohsin ibn Saleh ibn Hussain ibn Salman which traces back to Imam al-Mahdi (عليه السلام).

4. Mohsin Saleh Hussain (Leader of tribe Alee Mahdi (progeny of Mahdi). I am Mohsin ibn Saleh ibn Hussain ibn Salman and this is my family tree which traces back to Imam al-Mahdi (عليه السلام)., Mohammed ibn al-Hasan.

5.  Sayed Saleh Aziz al Sufi, I witness and swear by Allah the Most High that Sayeed Mohsin ibn Saleh ibn Hussain ibn Salman who has his lineage coming from Imam al-Mahdi (عليه السلام). and he had signed approving his pure lineage.

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17 hours ago, allsayyidsareahlulbayt! said:

Prophet Mohammed pbuhap said: "...  If the day of death comes to him (Al-Hassan), let him hand the will over to his son, Mohammed the Mandate of the Holy Family of Mohammad Peace be upon them all. These are the twelve Imams. Then there will be twelve Mahdis AFTER them


1. rasul Allah

2. imam ali

3. imam hassan

4. imam hussayn

5. imam zaynul abidin

6. imam baqir

7. imam sadiq

8. imam khadhim

9. imam ridha

10. imam jawad

11. imam naqi

12. imam assarki


each ruling a long time, buried by the successor, after dying their second death natural.  than imam Mahdi coming basck for his second kingdom, than dying natural death.


This is not the full statement of Prophet Mohammed pbuhap.  

These are the twelve Imams. Then there will be twelve Mahdis after them. Then when the day of death comes to him, let him hand the will over to his son, the first of the close ones, he has three names, one like mine and my Father’s: Abdollah (Servant of God), Ahmad and the third name is The Mahdi (the guided) and he is the first Believer.” (Bihar Al' anwar. Vol. 53 p. 147./ Alghayba Attossi p. 150./ Ghayat Almoram. Vol. 2 p.241). 

Prophet Mohammed pbuhap says that the First Mahdi after Imam al-Mahdi pbuh is his son. Now you say that the First Mahdi is Prophet Mohammed pbuhap, but he pbuhap has said that the First Mahdi is the SON of Imam al-Mahdi pbuh. 

So how can the Prophet pbuhap be the son of Imam al-Mahdi pbuh, when it is the other way round. Imam al-Mahdi pbuh is the son of Prophet Mohammed pbuhap and is from his progeny. And the First Mahdi is from the Progeny of Imam al-Mahdi pbuh, so how can that be Prophet Mohammed pbuhap ??!! Does the mind accept such an explanation ?!! 

 Abi Abdullah [pbuh] said: “from among us 12 Mahdies after the Qa’im [pbuh] from the progeny of Hussain [pbuh]” –Muntakhab Al-Anwar Al-Mude’ah, Sayyed Baha’a Al-Deen Al-Najafi p.353-354 -

Are the Prophet, Imam Ali, Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain pbut from the progeny of Imam Hussain pbuh ??!! 

It is narrated from Imam Al-Askary on the Dua of 3rd of Sha’ban: “and the successors from his progeny after their Qa’im and his occultation” –Bihar v.53 p.94.

Are they pbut from the progeny of the Qa'im, Mohammed al-Mahdi pbuh ??  

"We did not find-from what we know-sufficient evidence about the return of all the 12 Imams, not in an opposite way or in an ambiguous way. Only a Nas(hadeeth/text) after the Prophet s.a.w.w to the Prince of the believers pbuh and his son AlHussain pbuh. And if it is not proven about all the 12 Imams, how can one use these reports?"
Tareekh Ma Ba'ad AlThohoor page 641
Sayed Muhammad Muhammad Saadiq AlSadr

إننا لم نجد – كماعرفنا ـ دليلاً كافياً على 
عودة الأئمة الإثنا عشر كلهم ، لا بشكل عكسي 
ولا بشكل مشوش ،وإنما نص فقط – بعد النبي (ص)
– على امير المؤمنين (ع) وابنه الحسين (ع) .
وإذا لم يثبت رجوع الأئمة الإثنا عشر جميعاً 
كيف يمكن حمل هذه الأخبار عليه

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