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In the Name of God بسم الله

Is this Saad Ibn Ebadah who started Saqifah

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Is this Saad Ibn Ebadah who started Saqifah?

there is a nice statement said by Imam Ali saying that when Al-ansar felt that Sahabah would not leave Khilafat for me as a successor of prophet they rushed towards Saqifah saying that our head - Saad Ibn ebadah - is better that others to become Khalifah

المسترشد في إمامة علي بن أبي طالب عليه السلام، ص: 410

فَلَمَّا أَبْطَئُوا بِالْوِلَايَةِ عَلَيَّ، وَ هَمُّوا بِإِزَالَتِهَا عَنِّي، وَ ثَبَتَ الْأَنْصَارُ وَ هُمْ كَتِيبَةُ الْإِسْلَامِ، فَقَالَتْ: إِذَا لَمْ‏ تُسْلِمُوهَا لِعَلِيٍّ فَصَاحِبُنَا سَعْدُ بْنُ عُبَادَةَ أَحَقُّ بِهَا مِنْ غَيْرِهِ!.


If we do not consider the validity of the book and have this as a theory on Saqifah yet we see there are many proofs in Sunni books supporting this idea.

with this argument we should stop calling Saad Ibn Ebadh the first one who forgot the will of prophet on Ali as he wanted to retake his share.

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After our beloved Prophet (p) passed away some elders of Medina were raised as candidates for caliphate in Saqīfah council. Saʻd ibn ʻUbādah was among those candidates but he never find this opportunity to be elected as the caliph of the Prophet (p) because people were inclined to Abu Bakr, Umar [1] and Abu ʻUbaidah ibn al-Jarrāh. Saʻd was not agree with Abu Bakr as caliph and did not pledged allegiance (Bayʻah) to Abu Bakr. Some believes that the reason behind that is his failure to reach to the position of caliphate [2]. After that the regime tried to attain his Bayʻah but he refused saying: "I did not will this lie for myself, so I do not will it for others too, in order not to go to hell." [3]



[1] Asad al-Qābah (ibn Athīr), vol2, p.301 & Tabaqāt al-Kubrā (ibn Saʻd), vol.3, p.616.

[2] al-ʼIstiʻāb (ibn ʻabd al-Barr), vol.2, p.164, Tahdhīb al-Tahdhīb (ibn Hajar), vol.3, p.412

[3] Majālis al-Mu'minīn (Shūshtarī), vol.2, p.233.


With Duas.


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The wolves of quraish wud have devoured the ansar and thats what saad was afraid of ...he tried to save the interests of ansar he had no choice 

Why was the will of prophet not brought up as a counter argument by muhajireen if that was the case ?

if anyone brought up Ali at saqifa was the ansar and some here more knowledgeable can correct me but  sahaba Abul Haitham , thabit b qays , khuzaiMA b thabit, from ansar did so atleast per imami shia sources 

In any case qays b saad his son was a stalwart supporter of Ali and he did not disparage the memory of his father



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