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I wanted to ask if i can play the guitar if i am alone, since it is said music is haram for amusement gatherings, so would it be okay if i play it alone, to myself and use it as an art in college applications (as extracurricular since it would help me, i am bad at grades, might get a chance because of this asset) and stuff.
Also it would not have any singing alongside, it would be just the guitar. My intention is to only be able to play, not to show off or perform anywhere.. also, i wont be effected religiously, i will continue my prayers as i would have without it.
and also that i play music very similar to the persian or arabic folk music which is mostly found in traditional and cultural and even somewhat religious (sufi) songs that come out of iran, but only that there would be no singing, so it can be said it can be used for normal singing or sufi or persian singing if you think about it, but i will not sing along to is (since i cant and dont intend  to) because my motive is to only be able to play the guitar as an artform.

thank you

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The rulings of Shia scholars on music are very diverse. Definitely if you play music suitable for gatherings of debauchery it is haram but some scholars say playing, for example, classical music is allowed. You really should study the Hadith on music yourself if it is important to you, but until then, ask your Marja or a trusted scholar for detailed rulings.

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Being alone in private or in public does not make listening to music halal or haram, it’s the style and its lyrics that matter. If the music is of the haram category, it is not permissible to listen to it in any setting, whether private or public.

You have to keep this point in your mind that music is of different types; some is permissible while other is not. If you listen to the first one there is no place for regret – unless you want to reach to the highest levels of spirituality and mysticism –. Please read what is coming:

Ayatollah Khamenei:

Any type of Mutrib music which befits carouse gatherings is haram.  

Ayatollah Behjat:

If music is Mutrib then hearing and buying or selling it is haram.

Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi:

Any melodies or songs which befit libidinous pleasure and corruption are haram, and anything other than that is halal. This is distinguished by referring to the public common culture.

Ayatollah Sistani:

If music does not befit frivolous gatherings, then it is not haram. Therefore, listening to songs and Mutrib music which befits frivolous gatherings is haram.

Distinguishing whether or not a specific music such as rap music is a type of instance or applicability of haram or halal, is the responsibility of each person. Because, any individuals that have an even a concise understanding of music can differentiate between music that is Mutrib and befits frivolous gatherings and music that is not like that. Therefore, even if revolutionary or war songs are Mutrib and befit frivolous gathering then listening to that type of music will also be haram.

Rap music is not exempt from this rule, and if it were to fall under the category of Mutrib and befitting carouse gatherings then it also would be haram.


For further information, see:







With Duas.


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