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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Ibn Al-Shahid

Gulf countries warn their passport holders from travelling and living in Lebanon

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The Saudi and Bahraini foreign ministries urged people to leave quickly for their own safety.

But the UAE issued a "complete ban" on travel to Lebanon, and said it would pull out most diplomats from Beirut.

I heard Kuwait is doing the same thing.

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These Wahhabi Gulfstates are working on my nerves. North-Korea should nuke them all.

Silly Bedouin Arabs with their toilets of gold and bathrooms with whiskey spreading fitna in all our countries.

Alhamdulillah I don't rule a country. I would do something very stupid now because these donkeys don't stop with their stupid actions.

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there you go 


صنّفت المملكة أسماء أفراد وكيانات لارتباطهم بأنشطة تابعة لما يسمّى "حزب الله"، وهم كلٌّ من:

1 - فادي حسين سرحان - الجنسية لبناني، مكان الميلاد: كفر كيلا، تاريخ الميلاد : 1 / 4 / 1961م.

2 - عادل محمد شري - الجنسية لبناني، مكان الميلاد: بيروت، تاريخ الميلاد : 3 / 10 / 1963م.

3 - علي حسين زعيتر - الجنسية لبناني، مكان الميلاد: لبنان، تاريخ الميلاد : 28 / 7 / 1967م.

4 - فاتك للإنتاج السمعي والمرئي (VATECH SARL).




UBAI (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia said on Friday it had blacklisted four companies and three Lebanese men for having links to Lebanese Shi'ite Muslim militant group Hezbollah, a close ally of Riyadh's arch regional adversary Iran.

"The kingdom will continue its fight against the terrorist activities of the so-called Hezbollah with all available means," the Saudi Interior Ministry said in a statement carried by the state news agency SPA.

The Sunni Muslim kingdom last week suspended aid worth $3 billion to the Lebanese army over the Beirut government's failure to sign up to statements condemning attacks on Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran.

The ministry identified the four companies as Vatech SARL, Le-Hua Electronics Field Co. Limited, Aero Skyone Co. Limited and Labico SAL Offshore, and the men as Fadi Hussein Serhan, Adel Mohamad Cherri and Ali Zeaiter.



Saudi political activist, Mujtahid, said that the Saudi decision to halt the military aids program to the Lebanese army and security forces has nothing to do with the stances of Hezbollah and Lebanon's government.

On his Twitter account, the political activist asserted that the collapse of the negotiations which aimed at releasing the Saudi prince on charges of drug trafficking pushed KSA to take the decision.

"The Kingdom is trying to press all the Lebanese factions to release the Saudi prince in return for the aids."

Mujtahid added that the resignation of the Lebanese justice minister Ashraf Rifi is due to the cause of "Captagon Prince" as well.

The Saudi Prince Abol Mohsen ben Walid ben Abdol Mohsen ben Abdol Aziz was arrested by the Lebanese security forces at Neirut International airport for attempting to smuggle two tons of Captagon pills into KSA.



The moves by Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies on Tuesday to warn their citizens against traveling to Lebanon and the Saudi decision last week to suspend $3 billion in aid to the Lebanese military is a sign the country has fallen squarely into Iran’s orbit.
The Saudis became upset last month when the Lebanese government, represented by Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, refused to vote on a joint Arab statement condemning attacks by Iranians on Saudi missions in their country in reaction to the Saudi execution of a prominent Shi’ite cleric.



BEIRUT: Lebanon's Cabinet Thursday convened in a normal session that briefly tackled the country's diplomatic row with Saudi Arabia, with some ministers refusing to yield to pressure to submit an apology to the Gulf country.

"We committed no wrong for which to apologize," Hezbollah's Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mohammad Fneish said.

Hezbollah's Industry Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan expressed surprise over the Saudi measures. "I don't understand this great equation: we either apologize or we must bear a collective punishment."

Kataeb Economy Minister Alain Hakim, affiliated to the March 14 camp, also echoed Fneish's remarks by saying: "Enough panicking over the Gulf measures."

The minister demanded after the session ended that the party which caused the diplomatic rift to rectify the situation, referring to Hezbollah.

The diplomatic crisis with Saudi Arabia caused a deep rift between the political groups in Lebanon, with the March 14 alliance accusing Hezbollah of causing the dispute due to irresponsible rhetoric.

The Saudi decision to suspend two grants worth $4 billion to buy arms for the Lebanese Army and police came after the Lebanese Foreign Ministry refrained from endorsing joint statements issued last month at separate meetings held in Cairo and Jeddah accusing Iran of supporting terrorism.




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