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ShiaChat Member of the Week!

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This guy has never been appreciated for his contribution to the forum. Don't care if most of us disagree with him. He has been a valued contributor over the years. 

What I like about him: 

1) Ability to share a different perspective to a subject matter. 

2) Learn and evolve with time.

So ...... Thank you.

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"baradar_jackson ONE......


..........Googoosh, Aaron Rodgers, Steve Jobs, Michael Moore, Hashemi Rafsanjani, Tom Brady, Karim Sajjadpour,  Martin Scorcese, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, Nicholas Sarkozy, LeBron James, Amanpour, Winston Churchill, Uchiha Sasuke, Jon Stewart, Thomas Friedman, Mohannad from the Turkish soap opera, John Lennon, Shirin Ebadi, Donquixote Doflamingo, George Orwell, Ataturk, finance capitalists, greenies other than the Irish, and sosoolis ZERO"

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"Brothers, do not assume me getting this recognition puts me above you, as we all have equal recognition as members of a common human family. Rather, I'm hoping with this blessed opportunity here, I can help represent this madhab and bring peace, understanding, and reconciliation among all members, regardless of persuasion, by putting my best foot forward. With this comes intense responsibility and awareness. Brothers, I plead to you all, to help rally around Rasollulah (s) during my week of recognition and don't let pride or division reach your heart! I once experienced this when one day, I had extra candy as a child, and used it as leverage against my fellow youth. Willahi! Willahi! I learned my lesson and reflect on it every day! Look into yourselves, not for me, as I am insignificant, but for the sake of the human race and hereafter!"

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