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ShiaChat Member of the Week!

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Every Friday (Eid-e-Jome), during God's most blessed day of the week, Moderators or Administrators will select one member as the "ShiaChat Member of the Week". Throughout the following week, everyone is encouraged to:

  1. Show that member general mercy and compassion, and an open, welcoming embrace. Make that member feel special and honored.
  2. Like that member's posts whenever possible.
  3. Withhold any grudges or divisive arguments with that member, if you have any.

Once we pick a member, we'll put up their name, avatar picture, and give a few brief words here on this thread. No other prizes or anything beyond that.  Nothing grand here. It's a very simple recognition. This thread will be locked to keep things simple.

Stay tuned for this coming Friday, when the first person will be selected. Check the thread often, you could be selected next!

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Salam, everyone. Magma is taking a break, so he asked me to post this for him on Friday. 




"Medic, Mother, Mentor, MashAllah."

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