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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Pakistan To Iran - Ziarat

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Salam everyone sorry to disturb everyone again but i had to start a new thread again because i noticed after posting expenses in my other thread noone replied me because its urgent for me i had to start a new thread! So heres the estimate i made for 3 people going to iran from pakistan for a total of 8-10 days  around 2 days would be used for flying from and to pakistan so total of 8 days would be left in iran, please brothers and sisters let me know if the estimate i made down is okay or no if not please tell me how much would i need to spend instead, and also that if there are some other expenses i didnt mention here olease note them out thx

1- flight tickets for 3( will take my mom and sister too) : 50000rs x 3 = 150000rs

2- after landing in tehran airport will take a cab or a bus to qom - 2500rs - 72500 toman

3- stay in qom for 3 days in hotel - 3000rs - 87000 toman

4- transportation around qom - 1000rs - 29000toman

5- Go to Mashhad ( dont really know mode of transport and dont know the price but i guess should be overnight train) - 3 people 1500rs per person - 4500rs - 130,500 toman

6- Stay in Mashhad 4 days - 4000rs - 116,000 toman

7- Go to Tehran - 4500rs - 130,500 toman

8- Transportation around Tehran - 1000rs - 29000 toman

9- Food : 1000rs per day x 10 = 10000rs - 290,000 toman

10- Other expenses : 15000rs ( just in case dont really know where else would have to use them though) - 435,000 toman

in total a rough estimate would be :

195500 pakistani rupees : excluding airflight ticket in Iran have to spend 50000rs i.e. 14,50,000 toman - is it a fair estimate or would it not be enough at all? 


peace and love

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