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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

An orphanage in Iran needs help

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Salaams... can mods or someone please help verify the authenticity of this project and website. A simple google search shows results only from last month, there is no mention of this foundation prior to December 2015.

I find it interesting that whoever is behind it is in UK and seems to have very little history considering this orphanage is supposed to be in existence since 1980. 

I hate to be suspicious, but then again this is the internet.

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40 minutes ago, khamosh21 said:

After going through TahaFunder website I'm more interested in authenticity of TahaFunder... if anyone knows who is running and behind and can verify would be great.

And about Taha Funder, i'm glad you are interested in knowing more about it. You can always email (info@tahafunder.com) or call us (+44 7828842343) to talk to us directly. 

But i give a brief description of what Taha Funder is. 

Basically, the idea came from here:

we thought that we have so many resources in our community worldwide, and so many great projects can be done to empower our community. However, not everyone can know the needs of our community easily. So, we provided a platform (started since 29 Dec 2015) so individuals, charities and organizations can post their projects online, and ask people for their contribution. 

The project owners will only get the money if they can hit their target, meaning they can raise 100% of the needed fund. Otherwise, there will be no money taken from those who contributed. 

Taha Funder is a crowdfunding platform. We do not own the projects, we just facilitate their fund raising. 


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15 hours ago, FreeSpirit said:

Dear OP, would it be okay to visit the children's home, as I will be in Iran for a couple of weeks during April?  I hope this is okay.  


You can ccertainly visit Zeynab Kobra Foundation, actually one of the rewards for contributing at a certain level is that you get invited to visit their premises.

I'd love to say you can visit the children's home, but actually it's down to Zeynab Kobra Foundation to decide on that. Because they feel that onlike orphanages, that any one can go and visit, this place is actually a home to these children, and it's part of their private life, and they don't want kids to feel awkward as a stranger is coming to visit them just beacuase their orphans. But you can certainly discuss it with the Foundation. 

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17 hours ago, hameedeh said:

Is there a way to donate in US Dollars instead of £?

Thanks for your interest. The payment process is all done by "Stripe" payment gateway, similar to Paypal. 

So the amount you pay, will be charged equivalent to US Dollars. There will be no extra cost for this exchange.

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