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Inviting Constructive Discourse: The Views of the Prophet and the Ahlulbyt on 'Halal' Income

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As-salamu alaykum, dear brothers and sisters.

I consider this to be a rare privilege for me to stumble across this site and I piously hope that my association with the site would prove to be constructive. Let me pose a very important question to the learned members of this site, which I believe would be beneficial to the mass:

What is the stance of Qur'an and the Ahlulbyt  (AS) on 'halal' income? Allow me to exemplify. It is my understanding that any financial gain by way of deception, or derived from interests, are strictly haraam. Is there an exhaustive list? AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, is there any definite criteria that would allow one to assess whether his income is halaal or not?

I thank you in advance for taking the trouble of contributing to this discourse. May infinite blessings of Allah shower upon you.


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15 hours ago, hameedeh said:

Would you be interested in reading a free online book about Islamic Business Ethics?


Thank you, dear Hameedeh. The book has proven to be most enlightening. Could you please suggest me a few on law and jurisprudence? 

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