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In the Name of God بسم الله

Sunni brother saying false things like that shias believe that Quran is not complete and Gabriel made a mistake by not giving Prophethood to Imam Ali?

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He was saying false things such as how shias believe that the last 10 chapters of the Quran is hidden. And that Gabriel made a mistake by giving Prophethood to Prophet Mohammad (saw) and had inteded to give it to Imam Ali.

He also brought some random haddiths to "prove" that we believe that stuff, even after I told him that we don't believe any haddith book is 100% reliable.

I wanted to see what other shias had to say since I don't know haddiths that we consider reliable to counter him.

He said: 

" Allaah often lies and does mistakes. (usool-e-kaafi, page #328, yaqoob kulaini, vol1).

The Munafiqeen (i.e. Sahaba) took very much out of Quran (took out the verses). (Ihtijaj-e-tibri, page #382).

When Imaam Mehdi comes he will bring with him the real and original Quran. (Ahsan-ul-maqaal, page #336, safdar Husain najfi).

The person who says that the present Quran is complete is a liar because the “complete Quran” was compiled by Hazrat Ali. (Fasl-ul-khitaab fee tahreef kitaab rab-ul- arbab, page #4, Noori Tibri).

Imam Jafar (as) said: “The Quran that Gibrael (as) brought to Muhammad (saw) had 17,000 verses"


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You should show him this thread. We do not accept any hadith that contradicts the Qur'an. That answers it all.

But, then, if he is really so eager to debate those riwayats anyway, tell him to join ShiaChat. We will be waiting for him.



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many of them claim that from along time, the best evidence that deny these claims is the real experiment, they can enter any shiite mosque and see the quran there, they can see shia prayer in the shia holy shrines live throw satellite channels, and they will be sure that shia have the same quran and read the same verses.


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salamun alaykum

In this situations we can remark three different kinds of answers:

First, as a general answer it is possible to express that Shia believe in the same Quran and no one doubt it. Even Sunnis are aware of this fact. On the other hand there are verses that shows Gabriel, for example, never made any mistake:

Chapter 53, verse5: “taught him by One of great powers”

Or another verse in chapter 81 that says: “it is indeed the speech of a noble apostle (19), powerful and eminent with the Lord of the Throne, (20)”

Here in these verses you can obviously notice that “one of great powers” and “powerful and eminent” refer to Gabriel and Shia commentaries mentioned that.

So how can we believe that Gabriel made a mistake of delivering the Quran or giving prophethood while Quran considers him infallible?!! If they think a little about this, they will understand that having these verses, it is impossible to state that Gabriel made mistake.

This answer is a general answer to all questions that say we have some contradictory narrations. We also believe that any narration in opposite of Quran is false even if it is in our book.

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Second answer

We can answer by details that those narrations whether are not authentic or they have some commentaries that are not in opposite of Quran and main principles.

Third answer:

There are abundant similar ahadith in Sunni sources that convey Quran is distorted and changed. So as Sunnis have them and justify them, there could be some ahadith is Shia books in the same way.

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The Holy Quran is infallible, it is complete ,no distortion can touch it, falsehood can never approach it.

No one can distort what Allah has put under his protection not Uthman not Omar not Abubaqr nor anyone else be it human be it jinn be it angel.

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