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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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Assalamo aleikom,

if this topic has been discussed elsewhere, I apologize in advance for posting.

I was reading about the end of the world and Allah (swt) sending Malek Maut to take the lives of the inhabitants of earth.  Then He sends him to each of the Heavens to take their lives. And he finally reaches Jibrael until Malek Maut is the last one to become deceased.  A few questions I have:


1. who are the inhabitants of the 7 heavens? Is it just jinn and angels? Are there any humans like living prophets there?

2. If we die before then do we miss the calamities of the world's destruction (the first blow of the trumpet etc) or are we raised from the dead in order to experience the destruction of the worlds?  3. Do the people who are in paradise now like the prophets, do they "die" again or did they "skip" this event.  (Tnis sort of ties to momens who have died before the last day...and whether they skip this event as well. 

If there are any interesting reads out there that have answers to some of these questions, I would apreciate links.  Thanks.















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Dear brother for question one: I do not know exactly whom all inhabitants of the heavens are but the little i have read it is angels, everywhere, some prophets are in heavens depends which heaven, the jins had also access to heavens both good jins and shaitan, than as time progressed the shaitan jins are not allowed in any heavens, but i do not know if good jins are allowed or not still. And of course different noor and ruh could also exist there. The links are article and question and answer.





For question two, if we die we will get resurrected again. for Judgement day.




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Bismillaah ir Rahmaan ir Rahiim  As salaamu alaykum.  Odd thing regarding the blowing of a trumpet; In 1979 or early 1980's, about 7 or 8 am, in (Bronx) N.Y.C., I heard a trumpet blast from above me while jogging in an open area track. A voice (female) shouted "What do you want." When I had mentioned this incident, someone asked if I alone heard the trumpet and voice. After giving the matter much thought, I discovered that I was alone in that area, which is normally heavily trafficked by people, cars, trucks, buses, trains, etcetera. Leaving that area and walking 10 to 12 blocks towards my home, the streets were empty; no people, no traffic, and I didn't see even one parked car on the streets. I thought it was a foretaste of the last day. Think about that!


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On 1/24/2016 at 11:28 PM, TLH110 said:

Thanks for the link.  Crazy story.  Glad it wasn't the real deal :-)

Bismillaah ir Rahmaan ir Rahiim  As salaamu alaykum.

It was an odd occurrence. A step into the future.

The Bronx appeared to be a ghost town; all of the apartment buildings were empty. Business' were non-existant. There were no business' anywhere that I looked. The Stadium for the New York Yankee's had a much different appearance.  I did not recognize it at all. It was as though I was seeing it from the inside-out. A hospital near Grand Concourse Blvd. and 174th street had vanished. Everything was still, quiet! The town appeared to be a hundred years into the future!  Like, maybe 2080. Allaah, All Praise, Honour and Glory Be To HIM, cannot lie. HE, Be HE Blessed Forevermore, see's the Last Day, as near,while we see it as a long ways off.

Qur'an: [Shakir 18:47] And the day on which We will cause the mountains to pass away and you will see the earth a levelled plain and We will gather them and leave not any one of them behind. 

[Shakir 18:48] And they shall be brought before your Lord, standing in ranks: Now certainly you have come to Us as We created you at first. Nay, you thought that We had not appointed to you a time of the fulfillment of the promise.

[Shakir 18:49] And the Book shall be placed, then you will see the guilty fearing from what is in it, and they will say: Ah! woe to us! what a book is this! it does not omit a small one nor a great one, but numbers them (all); and what they had done they shall find present (there); and your Lord does not deal unjustly with anyone.

Said Jesus: "Tell me, brethren, is this world our native country? Surely not, seeing that the first man was cast out into the world into exile and there he suffers the punishment of his error. [Is there] an exile who does not aspire to return to his own rich country when he finds himself in poverty? Assuredly reason denies it, but experience proves it, because the lovers of the world will not think upon death. No, when one speaks to them [of death] they will not [heed] his speech." Chapter 139 Gospel of Barnabas



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