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In the Name of God بسم الله

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I have come across many people in our communty who just use their conjecture and try to explain God's laws and commands according to their reasoning although they don't have any expertise in any of the fields they are discussing.Our Ulmas,who have spent their whole life in trying to understand God's laws,they themselves don't say anything so surely as compared to these people.We including myself don't know that if our amals or acts are right or wrong and what will happen with us in the hereafter.We are more concerned in discussing and debating about status of our Prophets,their walis,or why Allah has commanded something,why a prophet is better then other prophet,why a representative of God did something etc etc than to correcting our beliefs.For eg. belief in Hell and heaven is obligatory but it is not obligatory as to what kind of trees are there or what will be our routine there(being optimistic here).When we have more knowledgeable people around us why don't we refer to them then to use our own aql.It's like self medication.You can pinpoint many beliefs in which you have just to believe and are not required to know everything about it.Bear in mind their neither the Prophets nor their walis make laws they just inform about Allah's commands and in some case a reason or two for it being halal or haram(and not every reason for it being halal or haram).Then why are we so much interested in trying to know everything about Allah's order.

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