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In the Name of God بسم الله

Heaven on Earth and much more

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Assalam O Alaikum
We start 2016 with the month of Prophet (SAW). In the words of Hassan Bin Thabit (RA); My eyes have never seen anyone more beautiful than you (saw), no woman has begotten anyone more handsome than you (saw), you (saw) have been created without any weakness and blemish! It is as if you (saw) have been created as you wished to be created

Some small propositions have been added to get the year running. We need to understand eventuallity and be prepared for it. We need to understand the size of this universe as compared to us. We need to understand how we can make our life on this earth, a reflection of the one in gardens...

Proposition:  Failures
Exact Link: http://sdolshah1.brinkster.net/prop79.html

We spend our life in fear of failures, while we do not care about the ultimate one?


Proposition:  Heaven On Earth
Exact Link: http://sdolshah1.brinkster.net/prop80.html

Can we really make this life of ours, a paradise, a Utopia?


Proposition:  The Lasting Taste
Exact Link: http://sdolshah1.brinkster.net/prop81.html

What happens when the last bite of your meal is the worst bite? What will be the last moment of our life?


Proposition:  Nature's Vast Resources
Exact Link: http://sdolshah1.brinkster.net/prop82.html

Just a cool perspective on how big this earth really is.

At www.sdol.org
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