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In the Name of God بسم الله

Missed prayers - make up for it in one day?

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Salam alaykom. I have found what I think is a hadith, on this site but it is from a book Ganjhaye Manavi. It is a book in persian which says that if you have missed prayers and dont know how many you have missed, then you should fast on a monday and pray 25×2 rakats and all your missed prayers will be made up for. 


Anyone know anything about this?



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Please my friend read your Marja's treatise at first. All marja's I think say if you have some missed prayer and you don't know about their numbers, redo the least you are certain about. Muslim are Mujtahid (scholar), Muqallid (imitato or follower) or muhtat (cautious). I we are not Mujtahid, so we should be tow rest. We are not allowed to do acoording to Fiqhi narrations while we are muqallid.


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