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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Can someone verify or explain these hadith to me

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Imam Jafar Sadiq narrates:
“We have been given the knowledge of the beginning and the end.”
A person from the Imams (as) companions said: “May I be your ransom. Do you have Knowledge of the unseen (Ilm e Ghaib)?”
Imam(as) replied:”Woe unto you. I know what is in the loins of men and womb of women. Woe unto you all. Open us your heart and see with your eyes and accept with your hearts. We are the proof of Allah in his creations. And none can accept this except all those believers whos hearts are as strong as the mount of Tahama and by the will of Allah.”
[Source: Bihar Al Anwar Vol.26]

Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Razi Al-Jaamoorani, from Ismail bin Moosa from his father, from his grandfather, from Abd Al-Samad bin Ali who said :

A man came up to Ali bin Husain (as). Ali bin Husain (as) said to him, “Who are you?”.
The man said, “I am an astrologer.” The Imam said, “So you are a fortune-teller.” He then looked at him and then said, “Shall I show you a man who since the time you have come to us, moved through 14 worlds, with each world being 3 times bigger than this world, without having moved from his place?”
The man said, “Who is He?”
The Imam said, “It is I, and if I wish, I can inform you what you ate and what you have stored in your house.”
[Source: Basaair Al-Darajaat, Vol. 8, Chapter. 12, Hadees. 13]


“I was in the presence of Abi Abdillah (Imam asSadiq), when a man from Yemen came up to Him.
The Imam said to him, “O Yemeni brother, are there scholars among you?”
He said, “Yes”.
The Imam said, “What do your scholars achieve from their knowledge?”
He said, “He travels in one night the travel distance of two months of the flight of the bird and the effects would remain.”
Abi Abdillah said, “The scholar from Medina [referring to himself] is more knowledgeable then your scholars.”
He said, “What does the scholar of Medina achieve from his knowledge?”
The Imam said, ” He travels in one hour of the day, the travel distance of a year’s travel of the sun, to the extent that he cuts through twelve thousand worlds the like of this world of yours whose inhabitants are not aware that Allah created Adam (as) or Iblees”.
He said, “They recognise You?”
The Imam said, “Yes. There is no obligation upon them except for Our Wilayah and the keeping away from Our enemies.”
[Source: Basaair Al-Darajaat, Vol. 8, Chapter. 12, Hadees. 15]
-All narrators are trustworthy. Hadees is Saheeh.
-There are more narrations with the same meaning, hence making the Matn “Tawattur” (frequently narrated)

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Salam Brother,

Some aspects of religion if taken isolated they may look irrational. It is like how non muslims look at the Islamic capital punishments with frowning because they discuss them from wrong perspective and they discuss them isolated from their context.


In this instance, we are talking about a higher rank of knowledge and a higher rank of nearness to God which was given to our Imams. our Imams did not talked about this with everyone nor tried to propagated them as a way to show off.


There are many ways to know. Some we can understand easily which is the knowledge through learning.

Some are not easy to understand like knowing through instinct and knowing through Fitrah. Who taught the bees how to build their houses? Who taught the birds how to make their nests? Do these creatures know the Unseen and the unlearned? 

Then, there are other ways as well like inspiration, dreams and wahi. 

Sometimes Allah sends an amount of knowledge upon someone over the night like the case of Luqman the wise. Sometimes Allah gives non prophets knowledge that one may assume it is reserved to prophets and angels like the case of Asif Barkhyia.

So this is a matter of Allah, He chooses to distribute knowledge among people in accordance to their faith level.

What is Ghayb?

There are 2 important distinctions: Knowing the time of the Hour. Knowing everything else.

Ghayb means knowing the absence. The hell and heaven are not presently seen by us. They are absent from our sight... but we believe in them. 

What we will eat tomorrow is absent from our knowledge. Will it rain tomorrow or not? Where did Yajuj and Majuj live?

We dont know. But the prophet knew about Yajuj, knew about hell and heaven and he knew and foretold about some future events. 

This is Ilm Alghayb.

Were Imams given the same ability to know? Yes. This is the meaning of the prophet inheritors. They inherited his knowledge instead of inheriting his wealth.

What is the Ghayb that no one Knows but Allah because Allah did not disclose it to anyone : That's knowing the Time of the Hour.

Do Imams know everything else? I can't say yes but If Allah permits them to know something then they will know it. In the above narrations, if you noticed, many of those who conversed with the imam had relations to some who claim to know Ghayb. Why did Imam immediately asked them about Ghayb?

I think it was a way of Da'wah . They knew because Allah permits them to know either through inspiration or dreams or some sort of wahi. 

I hope I did not make you more confused.




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2 hours ago, Qasim_Husayn said:

Imam Jafar Sadiq narrates:
“We have been given the knowledge of the beginning and the end.”

the Ahadith you mentioned and the like could be included under one topic and it is extraordinary power.

having such extraordinary power may look unbelievable to us, but if we admitted Quranic Ayat prove such power for certain people we would no longer wonder it. We might object that this guy is not eligible to carry such power but we cant deny that such unusual incidents could occur.

Quran in some verses narrate some surprising actions as follows:

when Isa A.S blow in clay and it becomes a bird and fly

when Isa heal the blind

stranger than these when he revives dead body.

or when the companion of prophet Solayman brought the throne of his opponent from far away within a twinkling of an eye.

as you see no one can say reviving a dead body is more or less stranger than healing a blind or saying what this woman carries in her womb is easier than bringing a huge throne of the Queen in a second.

either you should deny the power Allah gives to some of His servants over some reasons we are not to open it up here or you should accept all type of such things.




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