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In the Name of God بسم الله

Hadith al-Thaqalayn - Dr. Adnan Ibrahim

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It's upon people who hear differing hadiths to investigate the truth about the issue. This why trusting religious scholars is not praised in Quran but rather is warned against.  This is why following scholars has never and will never be the system of guidance. Because the Sunnis think these scholars are truthful. They are of course liars.

What is just as bad is when people do become aware of how authentic the true thaqalain narration is, and then seek to interpret in wild ways. For example, to interpret in  way that the Prophet is emphasizing he is leaving us one weighty thing about guidance but the other is not in context of guidance. This is disbelief and rebellion against God, and it's what Suratal Maeeda alludes to when it talks about Bani-Israel distorting words out of their places.

At the very least, even if people weren't aware of how authentic these narrations are in their own book, they should of asked...ok Shias have a hadith and Sunnis have a hadith which one is verified by Quran?  Many of them become aware that the wage of the message is love the family of Mohammad and that is a way towards God. Many of them come to see the emphasis on an envied people with respect to the family of Ibrahim, and emphasis on being given a great authority and emphasis not to turn away from it linked with obeying those who possess the authority from us. They see it. But they turn away.

They will be responsible for their disbelief in God's Ayat. Their scholars are liars lacking Taqwa and it's sufficient as a sign that they try to hide these hadiths from the masses that they very well know the impression it gives.



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