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Us Turkish Alevis though are from Turkmen Oguz boylari and Ahlibeyt Hz Musa-i Kazim 


It looks like it started from Ahlibeyt 

The Ba'Alawi tariqa (Arabicطريقة آل باعلوي‎), also known as the Tariqa Alawiyya is a Sufi order centered in HadhramawtYemen, but now spread across the Indian Ocean rim along with the Hadhrami diaspora. The order is closely tied to the Ba'Alawi sadah family.

It was founded by al-Faqih Muqaddam As-Sayyid Muhammad bin Ali Ba'Alawi al-Husaini, who died in the year 653 AH (1232 CE). He received his ijazah from Abu Madyan in Morocco via two of his students.[1] Abu Madyan was a student of Abdul Qadir Jilani, as well as one of the shaikhs in the Shadhiliyatariqa chain of spiritual transmitters from Muhammad. The members of this Sufi way are mainly sayyids whose ancestors hail from the valley of Hadramaut, in the southern part of Yemen, although it is not limited to them.[citation needed]

The chain of ijazah of spiritual Sufi transmission from al-Faqih Muqaddam Sayyid Muhammad traces back to the Islamic prophet Muhammad via his cousin Ali and from him, his son Husain.[citation n

Muhammad al-Faqih al-Muqaddam (Arabic:محمد الفقيه المقدم‎, Arabic pronunciation: [muˈħammɑd al-faˈqiːh al-ˈmuqaddam]; 574 H - 653 H or 1178 CE - 1232 CE) is known as the founder of Ba 'Alawiyya Sufi order[1] which has influenced Sufism in YemenPakistanIndiaand Southeast Asia. He is the only son of Ali son of Muhammad Sahib Mirbath whom all 75 families of Ba 'Alawi sada that spread out from Yemen to Southeast Asia are roo

Muhammad was born in Tarim, Yemen. His lineage is

  1. Muhammad
  2. Ali
  3. Muhammad
  4. Ali al Khal'i Qasm
  5. Alwi al Thani
  6. Muhammad
  7. Alwi al Awall
  8. Ubaydullah
  9. Ahmad al-Muhajir
  10. Isa al Rumi
  11. Muhammad al Naqib
  12. 'Ali al-Uraidhi
  13. Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq
  14. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir
  15. Imam Zayn al-Abidin
  16. Imam Husayn bin Ali
  17. Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib

Muhammad grew up in an environment of knowledge and righteousness, memorizing the Qur'an and mastering the sciences of the Sacred Law in his youth. He studied until became a Mujtahid. In the daytime he taught and fasted, while in the night he spent his nights in one of the caves in Nu'ayr Valley outside Tarim busy in meditation.[3]




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