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In the Name of God بسم الله

Equal spouses? Sinners with sinners?

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Salam alaykum!

I am pretty sure I have read something on the internet about Allah, that He created equal spouses for us?
If a person is a sinner, they will marry a sinner and if it is a mu'min, they will marry a mu'min. Anyone who has a clue?


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This is not a fixed law brother - for example there are a few Prophets (peace be upon them) whose wives were destroyed on account of their sins. An example of this is the with of Hazrat Nuh (as), Hazrat Lut (as) and the wife of Imam Hassan (as) poisoned him. I doubt that anyone can question the righteousness of these three individuals?

of course, let me address the elephant in the room and talk about ammi jaan aisha bint abu bakr. lets just talk about facts and leave aside different sects opinions of her - she raised (and lead) an army against the rightful caliph of her time, and was absolutely instrumental in the battle of the camel - including giving a speech before battle to stir troops against Imam Ali (as) - in which 10,000 muslims perished. 

saying that we are created in pairs also needs to be remembered that many prophets were polygamous, so allahu al aalim

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