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In the Name of God بسم الله

Are Non-Chosen Ones Allowed To Act As If They Pure

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An interesting discussion occurs before the command to obey Ulil-Amr which we believe is our 12 Imams.  There is a display that some Jewish or Christian scholars put on the mantle of purity and that this was sufficient as a lie against God. They made it as if they are pure. The discussion of the Jibt and Taghut is interesting with that regard, because, as we know Prophets in Bani-Israel, such as Isa, were opposed mainly due to the clergy class rejecting them and disliking them due to the Prophets saying they are not authorities as they have not truly safeguarded the message.


Now another verse in Quran says not to attribute purity to ourselves, this is another verse all together. As we know Allah [swt] revealed to Mariam that God has chosen her and purified her. And the same is true of her son, Isa.


Now it seems that these scholars who attribute purity to themselves were opposing Mohammad and the believers, and were jealous of Mohammad and the family of Mohammad.


While they put the garbs of purity, they in fact were jealous towards God's chosen ones. The followers of these clergy also opposed Mohammad out of jealousy due to their love of their leaders.


There is a lesson to us.  The discussion later after Ulil-Amr says "But as for the firmly rooted in knowledge among them..." showing those who had true knowledge deeply actually testified to Mohammad .


So it's not really condemning TRUE people of knowledge, but it's giving us warning regarding those putting the mantle of purity.


It seems to me Quran is saying, it's not for the people to decide who is pure and who is not, rather God will manifest some of his pure servants like Mariam and Isa, like Mohammad and the family of Mohammad, but it's not for us to decide.


Also those people making it as if they attained purity, should not be followed.  The reason is because it's in a sort of way claiming authority over the people, that not only do you have knowledge over the religion but that are you are pure and to be trusted fully with regards to it's truth.


The Quran says not to attribute purity to ourselves. Now that it clearly says this, God knows no one is going to go out of their way and say they are pure specially after he cautioned against it. But if people act as if they are pure and they act as if they know they are pure and that people know they are pure, then they are very much claiming it.


There are some traits to think about for which they were cursed as well. They took people's wealth by false means and used it corruptly for themselves. 


I would not be surprised if these leaders themselves convinced themselves they were pure and felt entitled to people's money on account of their supposed righteous religious leadership.


Take the contrast to God's chosen ones who would say "I ask you no wealth regarding it" or "I ask you no wage regarding it". "Follow those who ask you no wage/reward for it and they themselves are guided".


The biggest opponents to Nuh were probably the religious clergy men who emphasized on the love of their idols.


The biggest opponents Ahlulbayt [a] faced were the false clergy.


It seems to me no one has the right to the mantle of purity except those who God manifests as pure. Allah [swt] manifested the family of Mohammad as pure for a reason. 


They have proof of their purity and hence are to be followed for their wisdom they attained from God's closeness and the knowledge of his Name that is closely tied with their station. 



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