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Share Your Dua Acceptance Stories

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I thought I would start a thread  where people can share stories when Allah answered their duas and their desires got fulfilled just like they has asked for in the dua. I know not all duas get accepted and there are reasons behind it,but lets not discuss those here. The purpose of this thread is just to share stories , positive experiences because sometimes when our iman is weak or we are feeling depressed about the tests of this life such stories can rekindle our faith and restore hope in Allah's mercy. So here is mine :)


Almost two years back my marriage completely fell apart when one morning my husband turned me and the kids out on the street. After enduring years of abuse I vowed never to return again. I moved back with my mother who lived in another city almost two and half hours away from where I lived with my husband. At that time I was both teaching in a University and studying there for my post grad. My final exams were scheduled to start exactly a month after this happened... highly competitive post graduate medical exams, the year before only half the students had managed to get through.

Friends and family , everyone told me to forget everything else and focus on studying and passing the exams.......... easier said than done. My mind was in shambles, I was broken down emotionally... and there was the physical struggle taking its toll.  I got up early every morning and left the house before dawn, made the three hour journey by bus to reach my university at 8, where i was still teaching. I reached home near sunset, sometimes later. That's six hours of travel everyday. Add to that, almost all of my books, all the notes that I had spent hours compiling had been left behind at my husband's home. I tried making the best of the books that I borrowed. Despite my best efforts I was unable to study.I read and reread the words on the pages whenever I could, in the spare time at work, at the bus stop, in the bus, when I was crashed on the bed at night but nothing got in. Every evening I would return home tired, cross off another day, make another revision schedule trying to squeeze in all the topics in the remaining days. Nothing helped. I was constantly worried about the kids, about the finances, how I would manage on my own.I  was worried sick, I needed the degree more than anyone because now I had two kids to bring up on my own, yet I couldn't manage to focus.

People who had always considered me tough competition relaxed, almost sure that I won't even manage to pass. A couple of them even told me that to my face and it was very painful  hearing them say this.

Then one night, as I was offering salat ul layl... while in prostration I prayed to Allah to help me pass my exams, as I was praying I thought Allah is so Kind and Al Mighty and Powerful why am I asking Him to just pass me in the exams, so i said , Allah I want to get the highest marks (a rare moment of faith overload :P ) I remember feeling calm and peaceful and had a restful sleep which was something so rare those days.

The night before the exam I was with staying with a friend who lived in the University. I was trying to study in the library full of doctors revising and cramming in the last few hours but nothing was sticking. I sat there turning pages, finally gave it up as a bad job,prepared myself mentally to fail, returned to the my friend's flat and tried sleeping.

The next morning, in the examination hall I as the paper was put in front of me  something strange happened , my mind which had been out of order for the past month started working, :D Topics that I had studied nearly three years back and hadn't revised since came flooding back to me, I was able to draw some difficult graphs, solve problems using equations that I had not revised since my undergrad days. Some of the questions seemed tailor made just for me out of the areas that I had been teaching and hence knew better than others.  I was positively beaming after the exam was over. The second and third day of exam also went well alhumdollilah. I was reasonably confident that I would pass. When the result was out after a month to everyone's surprise I had topped!!!  :)


Looking forward to reading yours 




Note to all the students reading this : I didn't pass just because of the duas, I had always been serious about studying, even in that last month I tried my best and kept trying till the end.

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Besides all the times we have asked for prayers from each other in the thoughts thread, and they have all come true (as long as I know), most members know the personal story about the accident with my cousin last year. I posted the whole experience through the thoughts thread, it was one of the biggest miracles that happened right in front of my eyes. Anytime my faith waivers, I remember it, I feel an immense wave of faith come within my soul.


You can read about it all here, its about maybe a month of postups of his situation: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/234976423-thoughts/?p=2732605


One of the biggest things I have learned is that what ever unfortunate event I am dealt with, no matter the worst possible scenario, I must deep down, accept the future in mind that if it is Allah swt who wills it, then I must graciously accept it. In that mindset, ones prayer is indeed very powerful. There is a difference when you pray for something of which you cannot accept it happening, and in praying for goodness in it submitting to the will of Allah swt what ever the outcome maybe.

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Allah,.....is full of surprises Alhamdulilah....I wanted a mentor and scholar  in my life and wrote it in my diary.

My sibling gives me a call out of the blue...and my life changed for ever....

My mentor taught me the best prayer which I shall share, maybe some one will realize and utilize in prayer. 


" Asking for anything other than Allah himself, is the stingiest thing you can do to yourself."


 From then onwards my prayer changed from other than Allah, to Allah himself, and I cannot be more thankful.

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W salam!

Beautiful thread mashallah. I have many stories to tell but I guess I'll post them gradually :) but my #1 has been how God guided me to Islam after having prayed for it for 5 years.

So when I was around 9 years old I had a cousin who became a protestant and I was a catholic. She told me if I didn't become protestant I'd go to hell and she wanted to save me.

I became very distressed at that age and I suffered a lot alone because I didn't want to tell my mom. I used to go to the nuns at my school and ask them questions and nobody was helping me. I'd cry every night alone asking God to please guide me if I should stay catholic or follow what my cousin would tell me..(in my little ignorant child's mind i thought catholicism and protestants were the only religions in the world lol)In my prayer I remember very well I'd say: God,I know u exist, i dont want to be lost in life and become atheist you have given me everything so please I ask you to guide me to the right path. What should I be? What religion is correct? Only you can show me!

After 5 years or so he showed me Islam :)

And it has been among the greatest blessings in my life!

I'll share some more later.

Allah is the greatest!

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This question not only helps us realise that Allah (swt) has been immensely merciful but hardly any instances where He didn't grant but something better, or granted peace when hearts were worried, guidance when nothing seemed clear, friends when I felt alone, parents and family Alhamdolillah who's a blessing to have around, understanding when prayers weren't suitable, patience when prayers weren't heard, closeness to him when hearts were wild, sustenance when nothing was deserving, protection when others weren't protected, forgiveness when sins weren't disclosed, life when got under a truck, health when neglect is at zenith, turn of events when mind said you're doomed, favors when little was done.

I've forgotten my prayers but they say Allah doesn't. And for every payer which isn't answered, it would be recompensed on the day of judgement in way that we would wish none of our prayers were accepted.

So every payer for me is answered, Alhamdolillah, sooner or later.


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^beautifully said mashAllah




I was terrified to tell my parents I became Muslim, I concealed it for 6 months until I wanted to wear hijab on my 1st day of college. I also concealed it so I had time to study and learn the religion as much as I could so I would be able to shield myself from all the criticisms and questions I was going to face, because one thing I knew was that when my family and friends started to bombard me with questions, I wanted to have all the answers so they would know I'm following Islam because of it's beauty and show proofs of misconceptions.

I honestly had no idea what they would do. Having heard stories of other friends where their parents kicked them out, stopped talking to them, etc, etc I was very much afraid and distressed. Specially because I was a student abroad in Canada and I was very happy there because there were Muslims around me, halal meat, hussaynia, etc.. something I did not have in Mexico so I was afraid they would stop paying for my school in Canada and send me back to Mexico.


I prayed for my parents to accept it peacefully from the moment I became Muslim and every day for the next 6 months until it was revealed..... and I'm saying revealed because Allah swt made it so easy on me that I didn't even have to tell them from my mouth, my mother found out through my actions, she saw me different, she said she saw me at peace, very calm, wiser (whatever that meant) and she saw I wore lose clothing with long shirts and long sleeves all the time lol, so because she lived with me in Canada for some time, she met a friend of mine at the time who wore hijab so my mom knew how Muslims dress, so anyway one day she just told me: you are Muslim right? I just broke down in tears and I said siiiiii !!


she laughed and told me I'm terrible in a joking way and OMG she was PERFECTLY OK.......... she of course bombarded me with questions as expected and still does after almost 10 years but in a good way, her first question was if we believe in virgin Mary because she wouldn't be able to tolerate her daughter not believing in her, so we spent the next few hours reading and discussing Surat Maryam and she loved it alhamdillah. She even bought me many hijabs while still asking me if I could be a Muslim without the thing on the head.


Anyway we both were afraid of my dad, I told him, and he just hugged me and said, it's ok as long as you believe in God and be good that's all that matters.


So alhamdillah Allah swt fulfilled my request! <3

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OK my situation was more mundane than the OP, but still scary at the time.


I posted this a few years ago, likely many of the people around now didn't see it.




Made up for the day before.

I had gone to a well known shopping centre looking for cheap shopping and came back with zilch. So searched the net for ideas and came up with the Qi Pu Road Market (the Qi is pronounced Chi, I think) so kinda poetic.

Taxi there was easy and spent a nice afternoon buying Boss (fake) coat for $20 etc. Burberry T-shirts for $2 and lots of other stuff (crocs for 1/3 of the UK price!) and they look/feel original too.

Where I know something is fake, I ignore the brand name to be honest and just buy on the basis that would I pay this amount of money for the thing itself if it was unbranded. Those fake Boss coats are actually quite good, my brother is still wearing the one I bought in Beijing 8 years ago.

Do enough of this shopping and you make your airfare back. Best sign that you will get good prices, is if there are few/no foreigners. This mall was even better because there were few Chinese as well! There were a handful of Irani hijabi ladies though.

Anyway armed with 2 massive bags of shopping I then headed back and stood in the rain waiting for a taxi - but there were none! Those that came by already had people - and there were other shoppers coming out who were more nimble.

So spent 10 minutes walking towards a busier interchange where there might be more taxis.

Still no luck.

Crossed the road and waited and waited.

You can guess what's coming.

It felt like ages but was actually 15 minutes. Anyway the thought did cross my mind that I was in a part of Shanghai I did not know, without a word of the local language and absolutely no idea how to get back to the hotel. The area itself was not the neon-lit touristy sort of place where you can ask some other foreigner for help. It was just some suburb.

So I recited the Ayat-al-Kursi. And Surah Ikhlas 11 times.

Walked a little bit more and realised that I was in front of some office equipment shop, maybe the guy spoke English and could order me a taxi?

He did speak English and no he could not order a taxi and according to him when it rains it's difficult to get taxis and there were no nearby train stations either.

So back to waiting on the pavement.

Then this taxi turns up and actually stops to my waving. I show him the card with the address in Mandarin. He can't work out what it says. Oh please God no.

I've been through this before with Chinese taxi drivers, at this stage they wave you good bye.

Anyway I motioned to him that the guy in the shop could probably explain the directions to him. So he gets out of the cab and goes to ask! (Miracles do happen).

The guy tells him where I want to go and he takes me.


Good thing I did not have my wife with me.


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Here is one from a Somali girl friend of my sisters.


She, F___, was over at the house and my sister and I knew she was having it rough and was stressed out. So we were all sitting at the table and she started telling my sister, in English (which I later thought she did so I'd hear it) about her request for guidance prayer.


So she was doing her four raka and on the fourth raka before she finished and would then make her request, as she straightened up, her worry was removed, plus she knew what to do, how to do it and why to do it as told.


So she divorced her husband, took her little girl (he didn't want her any way) moved into an apartment and waited. My sister and I would help her out.

After a few months, S___ who also had a bad marriage crosses paths with her.  You can figure the rest.

I was "best man" at the wedding.

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