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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

[Resolved]De-Register My Account Please

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:Sami II

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I send my deepest condolences to all my brothers and sisters during this tragic month of Muharram, and I curse those that were in any way part of the most hideous acts of violence brought against the beloved :Imam-Hussein a.s, his family members and all the respected great companions that was with him in the plains of Karbala. 

It is time for me to leave SC as I have said all I can on this platform, with all my topics getting moved to off topic, getting unnecessary warnings and being placed on the mod queue, it's time to say farewell before I am banned. This platform like all others serve a certain agenda that is mainstream, it provides for this market. Most of it's Admin, mods and members serve this agenda and live it. There are a few members and admin/mod team that has shown they appreciate input from a different "point of view". I believe there are some members who also want to get away from the mainstream, as the Shia was never mainstream in any sense but has always be outcasted and taken to the fringes whether rightly or not. I thank those that have supported me here on SC, and I ask for forgiveness to those I have offended as I'm not always "politically correct". I forgive everyone else that have insulted me or had done any wrong to me.

There has also been accusations of me that I had contact with our beloved :Imam Mehdi atf, or that he has "visited me from time to time", please let me set the record straight here. Our beloved :Imam atf to my knowledge has never visited me in person, or had communicated with me directly or have given any information to me in person. I am not his deputy or any of his secret lieutenants and I have never claimed this. I have never even dreamt of him nor have I ever seen his face to my knowledge. I have mentioned that my mother, my wives and daughters had dreamt of him and in their dreams he spoke to them. These dreams were interpreted to me by prominent momins and I took this as a sign for me and I acted on these dreams. I will not disclose the messages of these dreams as it is only meant for me and my family. I feel very blessed to have our :Imam atf "visit" us through their dreams and honour our family with such communications through their dreams. I am only interested in using such information to advance my family and myself towards the preparation of our Imam atf. I am not interested in forming any cults or groups. I'm not even interested in having anything to do with the shia communities or any other community. I live a peaceful solitary life waiting for my Imam atf and the only reason I came to SC was to know the Shias communities, seek prospective husbands and wives for my Adult kids and to look at business opportunities within the shia communities for my sons. So if there was any miscommunication with any of my posts to say the contrary to this I apologise and seek forgiveness. It is the english language and your biased views that might have made you think otherwise.

I also have stated for the record that I will be the cook of the 313 inshallah, this claim I have mentioned a thousands times and I pray that I be given such an honour.

If any of you feel the need to keep in touch with me you can contact Br Ultramode2 or Br Peaceseeker II for details.

Please remember me in your duas.



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