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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Power Of The Imam (As)

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Are the hadith literal or metaphorical?  for example shia hadith i have read say that the imam will be able to uproot the largest tree with his hands and move mountains...if only metaphorical (which is how i see them) them how strong will the imam (as) be physically...?  


ps it is mostly shia hadith that talk about the supernatural....sunni hadith mostly refer to the imam as a special but normal man.

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Although I have not read the particular hadith myself I will try to answer iA it will be fruitful. First of Supernatural abilities are not far fetched: Nabi Khidr,Jesus walking on water and raising the death and curing the leper. Nabi Dawood killed Goliath the Giant with a slingshot. Nabi Yusuf could interpret dreams. Furthermore Amirul Momineen the Grandfather of Imam Mahdi lifted the Gate of Khybar by himself so why would his grandson not be able to?

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Use a logical concept, Imam's them self have no power but the power of Allah bcoz they are guided one.


How someone can define Hazrat Ibrahim (as) into fire and not got hurted. Its simple due to Allah.


How Hazrat Musa (as) defeated Pharoah alone.


How Hazrat Isa (as) was making birds with earth and give life into them.


How Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) break Moon.


There was all Allah provided them power of Miracle to express what Allah can do. It was warning to stay in your pants and don't mess with Allah.


When a person who got Prophet hood can show miracles due to power provided by Allah. There is always possibility of same miracles from Imam due to power provided by Allah. Simple.


If Allah wants ............

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as salamu alaykum,


imam is amr of Allah dat ul dat, imam is qahar Allah, and rahmatullah. the imam is the mashayt illahi. ifranic islam can not be haram, as the whole din is as you say mysticial. there are reasons behid ebverything, and since our science is still so limited we can not understand, the highter scinces. the imam as has takwin bithna Allah dat ul dat of every atom, quark, gluqon, and newiktron in existence. when the imam as comes he will bring 25 new degrees of illm wa hikmah and then every thing will be fully understood. the light of Muhammad sawa and its 14 mainfestations was present in a million khalqin and a million qiyyamat, then the send their 123,999 khalifa until by bithna Allah dat ul dat they made their zuhur upon the earth from the right side of sayyidna amina as. as the christains say the word was with Allah and the word was good (they do tahrif and say it was god istghirallahi) and then the word became flesh. we must take time to reflect on every ayah and every riawayt as each has over 70 layers of meaning. for further information on these topics books such as mikhayl makarim by ayatollah sayyid Muhammad taqi isfhani and jilla ayyun of majalsi are useful, as while as the works of khomenei ra which have very good ifrani hadith scattered thruout.


fiamanallahi lil karim

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