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Khums On Clothes, Two Sacrificial Animals....

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Well my Mom left for the airport a while back. She will be doing Hajj this year inshallah.

So this molana who is going with their group issues two jurisprudential laws at the last minute.

1. She told my mom and everyone else that they have to pay khums on all the clothes they are taking with them on Hajj. I was like what....??? My understanding is everyday clothes shoes etc are exempted from khums provided you haven't been lavish. My mother didn't even get any new clothes made for Hajj.Does she need to pay khums on those clothes??

2. Second law issued: everyone going on Hajj will sacrifice an animal in Makkah, but according to him, everyone should pay for another animal back here in home country too since the meat from the animals in Saudia Arabia never reaches the poor so that animal doesn't count.

He stressed that if anyone didn't follow these two rules their Hajj would be invalid.

Anyone heard of these rulings before??

Why is following religion getting more and more complicated? :(

Why don't the Ayatullahs revise the khums laws and so they are practically applicable on the monetary system today and easily understood by all??

I could be wrong but my feeling is that Molana wanted to create a last minute panic about people's Hajj being invalid and it worked. Quite a few people shuffled to their feet quickly and handed over the sacrificial animal and khums money to that Molana, lest their Hajj becomes invalid.(he is authorised to collect khums)

I feel so many people confused about khums laws. I know some people who want to pay khums but find the rulings too difficult to decipher.

Anyway, my Mother didn't give him any money. I told mom I will confirm and if she needs to do these extra things I will take care of them before the day of Hajj.

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1. Molana has to say this because paying Khums or doing Taqleed is not part of Pakistani Shia culture ( Notice I didn't say madhab). It's not a big deal for those who are habitual in Khums paying.

2. Technically yes. For ehtiyat it's better to do so with the sacrifice. Marja' of old even used to ask repeat all salat you made behind najadi mullas if you forgot to do your niya of furada.

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Well how can meat reasonnably travel throughh arabia to a remote country without perishing ? Why would Allah include this sacrifice in the manasik of Haj if not feasable? Would Haj and Islam be reserved to Arabs ans Meccans?

As for Khums on clothes, well I thought like you that khums was not paid on used clothes.

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