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In the Name of God بسم الله

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Salam Alaykum


encountering some Muslims (either Shia or Sunni) and their attitude, and also observing my own attitude sometimes, I have discovered something that is very common among us.


this common practice is based on a universal rule: it is always easier to blame and criticize humble people.


here's the observation:

there's this poor family who have been attacked and humiliated by people from upper class in the society, since the attack, the father could not do anything but to continue his endless efforts to hold together the family, he tries so hard to provide for the family, there are children of this family, the son grows up, goes to school, sees a lot of well-educated, neatly clothed children, very civilized behavior ..., these are the children of that upper class who did injustice to the father of the family, but the son does not know all this, it was for a long time ago, suddenly he has a very deep inferiority complex, he can't tell them anything they are better than him in every aspect, the son comes back home, sees his parents and starts criticizing his parents because they were losers, and they are the cause for him being inferior at the school. the son has made some very good friendships with those well-civilized children and sees everything they have as perfect, likewise, he sees all the problems as being produced because of his parents thus he is always confrontational with them, but inferior and humble toward the civilized children. his parents love him (they did all they did for their children and the family to stay together) but now the son is lost and no matter whatever his parents do, he has taken a direction which only distances him from the family.


so in this way, the family remains there as secondary, a third world country, that has lost all his children to the civilized world.



this has been the rule throughout all history, there were people who wouldn't see the main tyrant of the time and would be like a mouse toward the main tyrant, but were very brave in criticizing the infallible Imams (as).


so don't forget, it is always easier to criticize and blame the oppressed people or the humble leader.


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Wasalam... Whereas I agree that it's easier to put the blame on the weak and oppress them further I think you are looking at the rest of the things in a rather black and white manner.

Probably you are not here asking for advice but I would still like to say some things.

Firstly,there are countless examples where children of less fortunate parents went on to do well in their lives, not just professionally and financially but also socially and they were able to maintain good ties with their families and helped their siblings too.

Secondly, speaking of the financial classes unless we belong to the Rothschild or DuPont clan there will always be people who are more 'upper class' than us. Not talking about this case specifically since I don't know the details but generally speaking we need to teach our kids to be self confident and be content and happy with whatever they have. Also, $$ solve some problems but money is no guarantee to a successful and happy life. Do a Google search and you will know about some extremely wealthy people who ended their lives by committing suicide.

If I were the parent of that boy I would have

1. Told him about the attacks and oppression by those wealthy families.

2. Tried to fill his cup of self esteem as much as I could before the time came to send him out in the world.

Lastly, there always have been people who stood up against oppression even if they weren't the ones facing it. The lives of our Masoomeen (a.s) are the perfect examples of this. Even today there are people who fight for the rights of the weak and oppressed. Islam teaches us do Jihad against zulm.

Life is unfair. People behave differently to unfairness some choose to blame others...like this boy. Others try to make the best out of their situation and usually these are the ones who go on to have happy lives.

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the son is a horrible person, there are many people in his situation yet they dont react like him and blame thier own parents. he is not down to earth and is not islamic, if he was he would of accepted his parents wealth and status as qadr Allah. 


its probably not the same situation but its similar, where i know many people who's parents are dirt poor and these people meet people with rich parents and stuff, they dont blame thier own parents, they only do that if they are inconsiderate selfish people


it probably is different and harder in the east, but here in the uk there is a sort of subculture among poor people , where atleast u know there are many people in the same situation as you

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