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In the Name of God بسم الله

Rules On Pets

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Hi there! I had recently went to the local pet store today to go see if they had kittens there, while I was there I had seen a ferret and was wondering if we could keep them as pets. I had done research on them and checked if they were rodents and every website I've been on had said that they were not rodents but they look like one. I had asked my aunt and she told me that they were rodents but from what I've heard, they're not. She told me to search it up on some Islam websites, I couldn't find discussions that we're helpful so I'm here to ask this specific question myself. She had also told me to go onto Shia websites because Sunni and Shia have different rulings. Thank you! :) and one more thing, if they do turn out to be halal to keep, is the fur clean?

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Ayatollah Sayed Al Sistani H.A Grand Shia Marja's Opinion:


Question: Can I keep a cat in my house?

Answer: There is no problem in it and its hair is clean.


Question: If a dog licks my body or clothes, how should I purify it?

Answer: It is sufficient to wash it once. However, if the water is little, it is necessary to rid it of the water by wringing.Question: Is it permissible to keep a dog? If not, why?
Question: Is it permissible to keep a dog? If not, why?
Answer: It is permissible to keep a guard dog but it is najis.
106. The dogs and pigs which live on land are najis, and even their hair, bones, paws and nails, and every liquid substance of their body, is najis. However, sea dogs and pigs are Pak.
If you dont know what is meant by "najis":
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And weasels? What are they?

To Sarah:

I don't know what care info you are reading ( good for you for doing research..many people don't bother)but ferrets are a bit different from cats. They do keep themselves clean, but they are not as easy to train to a litter box and they have a naturally mild musky odor. This is great if you have any rodent problem in your barn or house as it terrifies the mice or rats and they leave ...but it bothers some people. ( BTW, ferrets, even more than cats, can go through very small openings in search of fun or prey...you would not believe what they can do....and get into spaces that perhaps they shouldn't.) This creates an escape issue when the animal is out of its cage. You should always watch it when you let it out to play. It is like having a small, slinky, clawed, toothed toddler around. They also , like a toddler, explore their world and play with what they find with their paws and mouths. This means your bare toes, your fingers, your laundry, your knick-knacks, your plates and cups,etc. Therefore, they shouldn't be left unsupervised with babies or small children . They aren't usually aggressive but they are much more active and curious than cats and they have teeth as sharp. If you live in the States there can be rules regarding the ownership of ferrets ,even if they are ( obviously)legal in your state, so please check that out.

If you want a more low-maintenance animal, go with the cats. :-)

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