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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

What Is "sleep" ?

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(salam) -even to the Gulf State monitor:


What is sleep?


Hard to experience when your littlest sister has a new, 8-day, squawk box (old Army slang for the radio --because when it powered it Squaaaaaaaaa -ked)


As I wrote under Ate/Eating/Will Eat, yesterday it was 1500+ before I could get into car and go. Lebanese restaurant this time.


But the other women bring their "auditory terrorists".  It is not like an old cow that starts bellowing all night. You just go back to sleep knowing the dumb cow is smart enough to eventually figure it out.


This 8-day old noises a staccato "ah-aahh, ah-aahh, ah-aahh ..." It must believe it is a peacock.


Then there this 3 month girl does a fading "mee-ah, mee-ahh". She must think she is a cat.


And this two month boy goes "cah -- cah --cah -- " like a crow.


And all the pre-schools are magpies training for the Marathon.


The Doctor this morning was happy, the 8-day old gain 5 oz in 3 days, the slight jaundice disappeared, and passed with flying colors. Ahamduallah.

One 'bright' spot in one week. Yarrabi.


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There is a Prophetic narration that says: Sleep is the brother of death (ان النوم أخو الموت)





Homer: "–There she met sleep, the brother of death."–Iliad, XIV, l. 231 & XVI, l. 672.

Hesiod: "Sleep, the brother of Death."–The Theogony, l. 756

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Ahamduallah, she is feeling better, moving around a tiny bit more. She was on the stairs when l got back from the store, and if her face didn't look so bad I'd yell at her.

Now, the little thing that believes he is a peacock --who just now woke-up as I started typing this-- looks fine.


But "dote". No.


Little Peacock is half-busy listening to Quran from KSA

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Well, he ain't no "Little Peacock" now.

He changed his sound-pattern of micro-wailing (but macro-whaling in maternal effort)


He was ah-aahhhh, ah-aahhhh like a peacock.


Now he sounds "aahhh-ah aahhh-ah wuh" then repeat several times. Like the sound of a White-handed gibbon (yes, I did look up the sound).


It's a jungle around here.

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He is back to thinking he is a peacock, again.

ah...aahhhh ..... ah-ahhhhhh


My sister is getting about 2 hours of sleep and then ah-ahhhh.


Sleeps all day, cries all night.


My little sister has threatened me with bodily harm if I do not cut-out the jokes and quirky comments.


Think I will ?

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Keep noise and light in the daytime and quiet and dark at night, and he will soon adapt to sleeping at night more than in daytime. By 3 months he might even sleep 4-5 hours at a time, or, if your sister is lucky, even more.

My 5-month-old stays awake all day. It's almost worse than staying awake all night.

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The 30th


My sister is still stressed. Every two hours he wakes and wants to be fed.


Last night I heard him wailing like I never heard before.


Concerned, I went to the stairs to listen.


My sister was singing to him.


With her voice, that was a clear standard of abuse.

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