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In the Name of God بسم الله

Quran For Religion Of Ibrahim

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Great topic.


In addition Quran says to obey God and obey the Messenger and Ulil-Amr in connection to the great authority bestowed upon the family of Ibrahim, showing how do they accept in the past, but reject it now.

The family of Ibrahim was connected to the religion of Ibrahim, and following the family of Ibrahim was connected to following Ibrahim.

The love in the family of Mohammd is said be the be the wage of the message and path to God. 

Consequently, following the family of Mohammad is connected to following Mohammad.

The true religion is thus twelve "months", ie. twelve successors, the first being Ali who was the door to the house of wisdom and gate to the city of knowledge during the life time of Mohammad (saw).

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Thanks brothers,


I have tried with my best effort to expose the truth about the Religion of Ibrahim that has 12 leaders / imams/ successors after the prophet Muhammad saww.


The efforts are made by others to deny the truth about 12 leaders  / successors / imams but the verses of Quran cannot be denied by any Muslim for this fact.


@ Skanderbeg


Brother you can check the following link for detail of black flags from eastern town (for army of imam Mahdi)





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