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In the Name of God بسم الله

Please Help Editing My Translated Videos [Arabic]

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Salaam alaykum


I thought of translating some videos from arabic to english. Inshallah.


They're short videos.


I have already translated the first video, alhamdulillah, but I  need help with some arabic words. Now, you can watch your video for yourself here:






In 0:24 the Sayed says "al-tamalli minal' taa'am wa'sharaab': Did I translate that correctly or?


In 0:30 He speaks about "spreading the dinner-table" (as-sufra). Is the word "exaggerates" correct to use here?


In 0:42 He said "ya'kuli bi'meq'daarin) I just wrote "in a portion" what is better to write?


I also wrote "respecting his status in the Month" is that correct?


I hope the questions are too many. Please help me, and may God reward you.

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awesome job, great translation skills and done in quick time !


I have no objection on any of what you wrote, all perfect .


I humbly thank you, sister. I will in the future post new translations here, and I hope my brothers and sisters will help me.


Though, sister, the word "bi'meq'dariin" makes me to worry a bit. I don't know if I could write something else? "A portion" may not be understood by some? Maybe I should write: "To satisfy himself" ?



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