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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Sayyed Nasrallah: Before And After Nuclear Deal,us

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The deal was not just with USA. It was a deal between 7 countries (at least apparently). 

China, Russia and, to some extent, Germany, were responsible of getting this through, as it is in their interest to diminish the dominance of the US and UK=more peace, less wars.


The US and UK could not handle the pressure and had to capitulate. They, of course, knew that there was no nuclear bomb. Iran, being a stable country, it was difficult to create chaos to destroy it. Hence, "nuclear" sanctions were used to reduce Iran's power. 


Meanwhile, the US continues to supply weapons to arsonists in Syraq, they dont want both the resistance-allied countries to stabilise.

Indirectly, through its puppet Govt, the zionists are killing Yemenis indiscriminately in order to not let the houthis form an independent and unity government in Yemen. Independence is a word which scalds the zionists. Slaves are what they want.


So, yes. Deal notwithstanding, the war has not stopped.

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Germany is in the US orbit, and will do as the US tells 'em. This deal is in their favor, as it is in the US favor, it gives  them just about everyone they wanted. The US got Iran to, for all practical purposes, to surrender - with the Rouhani/Rafsjanists squarely in their camp. They now have made inroads into the IRI like never before. Russia and China are secondary, they are not going to challenge the US at this time... unless their self-interests are directly challenged. In this case - the issue of Iran was secondary, they neither directly gain, nor directly lose anything. So they just went along to get along (for now). 


The big loser here is Iran.  The question is if the Islamic Revolutionary forces within IRI can again regain their footing. 

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US before the deal sanctioned Hezb and now still does...the aim is to weaken the resistance from every possible corner.Be it Iran or Hezb.

The US Treasury imposed sanctions on three Hezbollah military officials and a businessman tied to the group on Tuesday, citing their support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


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