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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Brown Kohl/kajal?

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Is there such thing as brown kohl/kajal? 


If not, do you girls know of any water soluble (for wudhu) eyeliner pencils that come in brown color?


I have tested some other eyeliner pencils by coloring with it on a piece of paper and putting a drop of water on it... and the water does not go through, hence I would have to take it off to make wudhu.


But when I tested it with kohl, the water went through which is why I like it, but the black color is too harsh for me. 

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I haven't seen a brown Kohl, i'm not sure.


But usually if i do have eyeliner or kohl on, i'll just remove it & make my wudu just in case & then re-apply it.


Can we make wudu if we have kohl on though? & do you go out with it? 


I remember once i went out & i had Kohl on, & it was way too attractive, so even if it wasn't haram, i wouldn't be able to wear it ever again if i was to go out. But i have heard Kohl is not haram if you were to wear a little bit of it outside, not sure.

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Fairly most girls become attractive after putting on kohl, but a little so as to mimic normal eye color is acceptable as long as it does not attract attention (because we know when it does)

and yes there is brown kohl, you just have to search for it

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Of course

Black blue brown and white eyeliners are essentials

There are other colors.

Most pencils are water Soulable , they dissolve after washing them with water , better thing though not to apply eye liner under the eyelashes cuz that's harder to remove.


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There are definitely many brands that sell brown Kohl!


I don't how much you want to spend, but Sephora sells a really nice Kohl Liner in several different shades (including brown). I personally used their black one and loved it. It's super pigmented and long lasting... I don't know if you can do wudu over it since there are other ingredients mixed in for the liner to come out looking like that, so I don't know if the Kohl would act as a barrier for water. If I have to wear makeup I usually just make wudu before. You can visit your local Sephora store and test it out. 


I don't usually buy drug store cosmetics, so I'm not sure what's out there for Kohl Liners, but if you want a cheaper alternative those brands are always an option. 


Here's a link for the Sephora Kohl Liner I was talking about: 



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