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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Power Of Mind Really Exists? How To Settle Things?

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Salam-Alikum. Its been 1 year and I am still have problem with Law attraction not getting out of my mind and my life is slipping out of my hands. 1 year back I have seen the video of "Law of attraction" and practice it. Now I have left practicing it but still I have some believes hidden deep somewhere in my mind which are not letting me rise again like before in the path of God.


What happens with me is : When I think I have already achieved something, it became easy to achieve for me.
For example : I try to aim a stone on bottle from a distance I fails, but when i visualize and think that i have already struck the bottle and bottle is fallen down, it became very easy to  aim and strike and i get success most times.

So when feel that I have already achieved that thing I achieve it very easily.




And if there is any logical explanation then anyone can achieve many things in this world without asking God just by feeling that it has already achieved.


The major problem I am unable to wrap this idea and burry it, I have tried not to think about this but its not working. this idea is coming in the way of asking anything to God.


Brothers I request you to reply to this issue, I have got extremely weak physically and mentally involving in this for 1 year.

There is no other platform on the internet where i can post this.

May Allah give you all Health and wisdom.

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LOA. is nothing but mental gymnastics that gives the user the confidence to achieve a possibility before an ACT. If it was 100% viable then you could use it to gain the answers you already require. The visual aspect is only allowing the mind to relax and concentrate before an act by affirming sub conscious relaxation, no different then breathing techniques to uncloud the mind. The drainage on your mind is based on guilt and belief. You assume if one can achieve a goal without asking the creator, therefore it negates the influence of the creator. Hence you go through the process of using the technique to achieve a goal and then follow it up with guilt. The real problem is your own internal belief system. To simply , if one pray to the creator for sustenance and then goes out to sell their product, if they manage to sell it, did the creator purchase the product, make the customer buy it buy force, or was it simply the cause of supply and demand?. whatever the variable, it should not cause you to doubt your creator, as the creator is the original cause.

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What prophets could do with the permission slip from Allah, no human being attained until now.

Splitting the ocean, bringing dead to life, travelling the seven skies without an astronaut suit, and many many more.

All this requires an untainted ego, humble attitude towards your creator, and full submission to the creator of all powers.

If you can reach such a stage of submission , humilty and respect for the creator , The creator can give you his esmeh azam like he gave to Asaf barkhia who teleported Queen belquis throne in a matter of a moment.

But if you would want to misuse such authority given by Allah it can be taken back too.

All what you do with this LOA stuff will look like a retarded toy infront of the creator can give to his slave.

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Thanks brother for the reply,

Every time I get in some some trouble I think "why dont you assume the final picture and use this rule to get out from here"

I feel that I have some power and i should use it.

This thought is not getting out of my mind. and sending me far from Allah swt

pls suggest something for that too.

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