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Burayda Al-Aslami (D. 62/63) - Pro Ali Attitude

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This is taken from Shaykh al-Subhani's - Mawsua Tabaqat al-Fuqaha: http://imamsadeq.com/ar/index/book?bookID=136&page=4#55


Burayda b. al-Husayb [d. 62/63][1]


Ibn Abdallah b. al-Harith al-Aslami, about his Kuniyya there are different opinions: some said Abu Abdallah, Abu Sasan, Abu Sahl and Abu al-Husayb.


It is said that he converted in the year of the Hijra – when the prophet passed by him – whilst making the Hijra - near Ghamiym, then he came to the messenger of Allah after Uhud, so he witnessed with him the battle of Khaybar and the conquest of Mecca, and with him was the banner (the banner of his people - the Aslam), and the prophet put him in charge of the Sadaqat of his tribe, and the messenger of Allah sent him – when he (i.e. the messenger) wanted to head out to Tabuk so that he (Burayda) could summon (exert) them to face their enemies.


He remained in Madina after the death of the messenger of Allah until Basra was conquered and it was inhabited, so he moved to it, then he came out of it – as it has been said – in the expedition to Khurasan in the time of Uthman, so he resided in Marw and he spread knowledge in it until he died.


As for Ibn al-Athir then he mentioned that Ziyad made governor of Khurasan – al-Rabi b. Ziyad al-Harithi in the beginning of the year fifty one, and he made move out with him fifty thousand men with their families from the people of Kufa and Basra, among them: Burayda b. al-Husayb and Abu Barza, and both had companionship, so they resided in Khurasan[2].


And in al-Isaba: al-Bawari – enumerated him i.e. Burayda al-Aslami - with a weak chain on the authority of Ubaydallah b. Abi Rafi - from among the companions who fought on the side of Ali in Siffin and died in it. And because of this Ali said (in a poetic verse):


May Allah reward with goodness an Aslamiya group – having good countenances they were felled around Hashim[3]
Burayda[4] and Abdallah among them and Munqidh too – and Urwa and the two sons of Malik among the gracious ones.


He (Ibn Hajar) said: And this, if it is correct, then it is someone else apart from Burayda b. al-Husayb al-Aslami for he remained alive after that for a long period.


Burayda narrated reports from the prophet and he is counted from among the companions who had few number of juridicial rulings.


Narrated from him: his two sons Sulayman and Abdallah, and Abu Nadhra al-Abdi, and al-Sha’bi and others.


He is listed among the companions of Imam ali and he is one of the narrators of the Ghadir narration from among the companions[5].


Al-Nasai narrated by his chain from Burayda who said: the messenger of Allah sent us to the Yaman together with (under) Khalid b. al-Walid, and he sent Ali presiding over another unit, and he said: if the two armies come together (join up) then Ali is over the people (is the overall commander), and if each of you goes his separate way then each one of you is over his men, so we encountered the Bani Zabiyd from the people of Yaman, so the Muslims were victorious over the polytheists, so we killed the fighting men, and captured the progeny, so Ali chose a young girl for himself from among the captives, and Khalid b. al-Walid wrote to the prophet a letter of complaint because of that, and he ordered me to malign him (i.e. Ali – to the prophet), he (Burayda) said: so I handed the letter to the prophet and spoke negatively against Ali, so the face of the prophet changed, and he said: do not be made to hold a grudge towards Ali O Burayda, for Ali is from me and I am from him, and he is your Wali after me[6].


And Al-Hakim narrated with his chain from him (i.e. Burayda) that: the most beloved of women to the messenger of Allah was Fatima and from the men Ali[7].


And Burayda said: when it was the day of Khaybar, Abu Bakr took the banner but he returned and he was not given victory (the fort remained unconquered), so when it was the next day Umar took it (the banner) but he returned without being given victory (by Allah), and Mahmud b. Maslama was killed (in this encounter), and the people returned, so the messenger of Allah said: I am going to give my banner to a man who loves Allah and his messenger and who is loved by Allah and his messenger, he will never retreat until it is opened for him (he is granted victory), so we spent the night having unworried minds knowing that the victory was tomorrow, so the messenger of Allah prayed the morning prayer, then he called for the banner and stood up, so there was not a man from among us who had some position (a close station) with the messenger of Allah except that he hoped that he would be that man (to whom the banner is given), and even I stretched myself to achieve it (dared to hope by elongating my neck making myself conspicuous), and I presented my head because of the position that I had with him (i.e. the messenger), but he called for Ali b. Abi Talib and he was complaining of an ailment in his eye, he said: so he (i.e. the messenger) wiped over it, then he gave the banner to him, and Burayda said: he (Ali) was the man of Marhab (i.e. his killer)[8].


Burayda died in Marw in the year sixty two, and it is said: sixty three. And it is narrated that he willed that two palm branches should be placed in his grave.


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[2] al-Kamil Fi al-Ta’rikh 3|489, the events of the year 51


[3] He is Hashim b. Utba b. Abi Waqqas, famously known as Mirqal, the son of the brother of Sa’d b. Abi Waqqas, a companion, an eloquent speaker, horseman, brave, he participated in the battle of Qadisiyya with Sa’d and one of his eyes was blinded in the battle of Yarmuk so he was called al-A’war (the one-eyed), and he conquered Jalula, and he was from the closest of the companions of Ali, and he was the holder of his (Ali’s) banner at Siffin, and he used to attack the people of Sham repeatedly, and fight a very intensive fight, until he was martyred – may Allah have mercy on him – towards the last days of Siffin [al-Kamil Fi al-Ta’rikh of Ibn al-Athir – the year 37, al-A’lam 8|66]


[4] The name Yazid occurs instead of Burayd in the transmission of Nasr b. Muzahim in the book Waq’at Siffin Pg. 356, and likewise Ibn Abi al-Hadid in Sharh Nahj al-Balagha 9|35.


[5] al-Ghadir of al-Amini 1|20 No. 19.


[6] Khasais Amir al-Mu’minin Ali b. Abi Talib Pg. 23


[7] Mustadrak ala al-Sahihayn 3|155. Al-Hakim said: this Hadith is Sahih in Isnad but they (i.e. al-Bukhari and Muslim) did not include it, and al-Dhahabi agreed in his Talkhis.


[8] Mukhtasar Tarikh Madinat Dimashq of Ibn al-Mandhur 5|180 No. 85, and Marhab was the Jewish knight who was killed by the commander of the faithful ref. al-Tabari 2|300 events of the year 7.

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Mash Allah immensely helpful brother

BURAIDA aslami is mentoned by Ubaidullah b abu Rafi by a weak chain ? Is it a weak narrater by sunni standards like ibn Hajar as otherwise ibn Rafi is a common source for companions of Ali for sunni biographers

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