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In the Name of God بسم الله

Sources For Hope

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Salam Alaykum

It's long that I've been thinking about our duties before Faraj, we believe that by Faraj there will start a whole different era, but what about before it?

I think regarding this particular issue, there are two main camps in Shia community, those (scholars) who promote hope for a bright future and, those who promote disappointment and passiveness.


my own stance is this: get prepared for Faraj as if it's gonna happen tomorrow, and be ready for Ghayba as if it's going to continue for 100 years.

and I have adopted this form this miraculous narration: get prepared for death as if you are going to die tomorrow, and work for your life as if you're gonna live 100 years.

many people misunderstand and confuse this two sides, they don't do anything for their life, saying ok, we're gonna die anyway, on the other hand some have only attached to this dunya and never think of death, but some have reached a balance.


sometimes at the amidst of all these problems Muslims and Shia have in their homelands, which have disappointed many of the youth who have lost their hope for a better future in Muslim lands, some leave their homeland, some long for Faraj (which is a necessity) but I think at all of this, the hope-giving language of Ayatollah Khamenei is amazing, he knows the Rewayat of Faraj and its surrendering fitnas, he knows the current problems in Muslim lands and Shia community, yet he continues giving hope to youth.


a failed nation is a nation whose youth have lost their hope. and I think the greatest danger for Muslim nations is that young Muslims are losing their hope and some people, knowingly or unknowingly are helping and spreading this disappointment. 

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imam kadhim has a narration about hope 

محمد بن يحيى وأحمد بن إدريس عن محمد بن أحمد عن السياري عن الحسن ابن علي بن يقطين عن أخيه الحسين عن أبيه علي بن يقطين قال : قال لي أبو الحسن ع : الشيعة تربى بالأماني منذ مأتي سنة قال : وقال يقطين لابنه علي بن يقطين : ما بالنا قيل لنا فكان وقيل لكم فلم يكن؟ قال: فقال له علي : إن الذي قيل لنا ولكم كان من مخرج واحد غير أن أمركم حضر فأعطيتم محضة فكان كما قيل لكم وإن أمرنا لم يحضر فعللنا بالأماني فلو قيل لنا : إن هذا الأمر لا يكون إلا إلى مائتي سنة أو ثلاثمائة سنة لقست القلوب ولرجع عامة الناس من الإسلام ولكن قالوا: ما أسرعه وما أقربه تألفا لقلوب الناس وتقريبا للفرج .

so it was the strategy of ahlulbayt to give their shia the hope that the faraj is near 
i am not sure whats the sources of hopes. i think that good outcomes are sources of hopes. good shia community, good shia scholars, good shia politicians etc
everyone of us count in making the hopes for others. There are groups for youths named after imam mahdi, its aim is to install the spirit of preparation in them. some grow to become good active members in their communities, teaching islam and organising the events. others go for another level .
at least that is something i witnessed and saw how it worked beautifully 
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