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In the Name of God بسم الله

Arabic In Uk Primary Schools

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The top 10 languages for the future, according to a British Council report, are predicted as being: 1 Spanish, 2 Arabic, 3 French, 4 Mandarin Chinese, 5 German, 6 Portuguese, 7 Italian, 8 Russian, 9 Turkish, 10 Japanese.



Strange order, I wonder on what it is based.


This is a good thing though, because for some reason, not only English people, but people who were born there, develop a barrier to being able to learn foreign languages (even if they have a second or third language from their home environment), I know many Brits (native and naturalised) who have been living or lived in foreign countries for years are can barely string a sentence together in the language of that country, getting them into a more complex language like Arabic might open the door to them being able to learn simpler languages.

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Yes, French is absolutely useless. From the age of 10 to 18 I spent an hour or two every week studying it and it was time more or less entirely wasted.


Learning French, you do get an insight into how a non-Anglo Saxon culture thinks. I find it similar to Urdu. Perhaps Farsi is also as long-winded, flowery and tedious as French and Urdu? Certainly reading French and Urdu newspapers, you start praying that they'd get to the point.


I've got my daughter doing French at school, because I can help her with it, but she bails out after the first set of exams.


I am far more comfortable with her learning Spanish. Unfortunately, her school does not do Mandarin.


I showed her this article a couple of hours ago to defend my decision to have her taught Arabic. For Muslims learning Arabic is a no-brainer, you get Akira and Dunya, two for the price of one.

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