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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

What Should Iftaar Food Be Like?

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Assalaam o Aleikum

We all have traditions, within our cultures and our families, related to the foods we eat at suhoor and iftaar. In Pakistan, people commonly consume iftaar items like pakoray (deep-fried chickpea flour fritters), samosay (deep-fried dough purses stuffed with vegetables or meat), dahi baray (deep-fried lentil flour dumplings soaked in seasoned yogurt), jalebi (deep-fried flour sweets drenched in syrup)... What, you sending a theme or something? Oh well, there's also fruit salad, chholay (tangy chickpea salad), etc, with copious amounts of any cold, sweet beverage (n I bet some imaginative Pakistanis are working out ways to drench these last few items in hot vegetable oil too). Many people also take dinner, either with iftaar, or some time later. Of course, all this varies according to the fasting person's pocket and personal preference, but for those who can afford to, the list of iftaar items gets more exhaustive every year.

I often wonder what the Imams were like in their choice of iftaar. I love trying new recipes, but a very pious lady once commented that too much preparation for your post-fast meal detracts from the essence of Ramadan- shifting our focus from the carnal to the spiritual. It appealed to me on some level, but now that kids in my family are starting to fast, masha'Allah, many people also say that its important to make special stuff for them to get them excited. I cannot help wondering if we are instead inculcating the same skewed priorities and expectations, i.e. associating interest in Ramadan with exciting new foods instead of other stuff, and consequently, for women (in most setups) spending much of the day cooking instead of reading etc.

So what, or rather how, did the Imams eat? I'm especially interested in the later ones who supposedly were more affluent.

And well, am I being too limited in my thinking here? I'm not criticizing eating good food; im just wondering about excessive interest in it, the great variety on my table, and the message it is all giving to my kids; why can't we just eat one decent, tasty dish instead of a huge spread? Of course, it could be said that it's recommended to eat simply all year round, but I cant help feeling that Ramadan should be special in this regard.

Any thoughts, anyone?

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Gotta find balance.

We eat our normal foods most Ramadan nights. Every once in a while we have a mini-feast for fun. Usually the most enjoyed feature of the mini-feast is some kind of dessert.

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I'd been trying to find this post for a while, and after suddenly figuring out how to today, I feel like an absolute duH-nce.

Anyway, the reason I'd wanted to locate it because i hadnt replied to your

input, Sister notme. Thank you for your kind and sensible response :)

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